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Anyone going to Nantes for pudendal nerve damage?

Hello everyone,

I am new to this site and was hoping someone would please be able to offer me some help/advice/guidance.

My wife (aged 67) has suffered from pudendal nerve pain for around 2 years and after trying everything we are now having to think about going to France but I do not know much about it. Has anyone been? Any success stories? Any negative experiences? How did you get there? Any advice would be greatly appreciated.

Thank you all very much

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the surgery can make you better or worse. there are no clear statistics on this unfortunately. Also, those who have had the surgery defend it even if they only had 30% pain relief


30% could make quite a difference to everyday life I would imagine. Any improvement would be worth it in my mind. I'm interested to hear any experiences about this operation too. Thanks for posting.


I need information I have the same thing location usa can u help or other


Hello. I am sorry I have just seen your post of three months ago. I see you have had some brief replies below. I do not know if these people have been to Nantes or not, or even if they have had Decompression surgery. I had been suffering from Pudendal Nerve Entrapment for 10 years. I opted last year to visit Prof. Roberts in August and then it was up to me to decide upon a date and let him know. Surgeons in France are usually absent for the month of August.

I have been operated on in Nantes by Prof. Roberts. I have been home for 6 weeks today.

If you read my posts you will see I have written shortly after I arrived home with a lot of details etc. if you so wish I can give you address telephone and e:mail address for you and your wife to make contact. I have made a posting about every two weeks to give updates on how I am progressing.

I can give you all sorts of up to date information as I was there and therefore a recent patient. Prf. Robert speaks a little English.

I am taking it very slowly.

If you do consider this operation i advise you to ask if your can stay in hospital a few days longer before you fly home. We live in France and my husband came to collect me by car and I lay on the back seat and we cut the journey after three hours so we could rest before travelling on again for another 3 and half hours. IF and when you know you are going to have an appointment you would obviously have to gather your health papers together etc including your passport as your are UK citizens. Before the Op you must organise for your health service to provide a nurse to visit your home on your arrival home and thereafter every other day to redress the dressing over the scar. You will be given a prescription for pain killers and for all the dressings and for a nurse to come to your home until the scar is absolutely clearly healed.

Your wife will need you to be near by/or a family member or a good solid friend. Either you can ask to have a bed in her room or you can stay at the Hotel Ibis 10 minutes walk from the hospital where my Mother stayed.

I wish you good luck in your venture and hope so much your wife will be well again.

It normally takes 5 - 8 months or maybe a bit longer before a real improvement is noticeable. The prof will ask to see you for a check-up 6 months after the operation.



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Hi, I’m writing on behalf of my son who is 36 and has been suffering from Puddendal Neuralgia for the last three months. The latest tests seem to confirm that it is a PNE and that surgery will be needed. Could you please provide us with the contact details for the Nantes group, or Dr Robert’s? Also we would very much appreciate any advise related to the surgery, stay in Nantes, etc. Thank you.


Hi. What tests were run to confirm PNE? My understanding is that it is a diagnosis of last resort; the pudendal nerve pain simply does not respond to any treatment. This is where I am now -but I would like to not think that it is entrapment


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