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Refused rectocele surgery

A rushed exam after doc was overbooked so over hour late...was hustled onto couch pulled clothes down stuck lit probe up backside.that was it.she was talking over me with diet and exercise advice.didn't need it.was told to squat on newspaper and live with it.childbirth causes weak muscles so at my age of 63 I'm lucky it's took this long to appear..was and still am shellshocked.waiting for cystecele surgery so now am confused what's going to happen having it done with rectocele not done.she didn't seem to take in I had bladder almost out when she said squatting is the way even onto the floor..I'm upset embarrassed and extremely traumatized..made a gp appointment for next week,I'm not leaving it there..she also said stop fibromyalgia painkillers and more exercise..I never stop as it is.I weigh 8half stone perfect bmi so how can I improve on that..if I get to seventy or eighty my bowel will be carried round in a rucksack..this is where my battle starts..😬😤

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awww I feel your frustration.

Its like as though we are of no consequence.

You dont say how your condition is affecting you from day to day.

Was your appointment with a G.I. specialist or a urologist.

I'm 6 years older than you and have had a pain in my left side for 5 years.

whatever it is hasnt killed me off yet.

Various specialists diagnosis include IBS and chronic pelvic pain.

Although I've had lots of tests this is the best they can come up with.

Let me ask you something-

are you comfortable that surgery will make you better.?

Before you make a 'battle' your priority step back and ask you trust these 'proffessionals'


Hi ...I've been to urologist ...diagnosed bladder grade three bowel is on the move n very painful with lots of pulling n burning pain..opening bowels is very difficult n a feeling of bloating n wanting to go constantly..with bladder prolapse I can't bare down's really there twenty four is only option but not till bowel is looked at as far as I'm going to request a referral to a urogynacologist Thursday n will take it from there...hope you're sorted soon too it's awful to be in pain all the time.😘

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I have also been refused a prolapse repair its very frustrating trying to live with a prolapse I find

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I admire you and your courage. 8 &half st is a fantastic weight. ( I'm five stone heavier).How dare she give you diet and exercise advice! You went there for medical help. Not insults, offence and more stress.

Why can't they do a bladder repair and attend to the Rectocele at the same time?

You need a really good gynaecologist or as you say a urogynacologist.

Hope you get an urgent referral on Thursday.

I phoned the Bladder & Bowel Foundation helpline. And was advised to make self referal to the Continence Nurse/Adviser. Didn't know I could do that without GP.

Next morning I phoned Continence adviser at the local hospital and was seen within days. She gave me thorough examination internal and rectal. And scans. No rush, no pressure of time.



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