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Hip Bursitis?

Hi all I have had chronic pain in my right hip/thigh so bad it's 9/10 pain and feels like my leg is giving out so have not left the house for 3 weeks, I struggle to get up out of chairs

Been to the Doctors 3 times and they said it could be Hip Bursitis due for a ultrasound scan in a week.

Could Hip Bursitis cause this much pain? Where it practically disables you?

Am at my wits end.


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I've had hip bursitis so bad it landed me in a hospitals, stuck in a 'frog" like position. it's was shot of steroids was all it took to clear it up --I've been pain free in my hip for 6 months now.

get your results, and if it is bursitis see if your doctor thinks cortisone injection might help you.


yes it can I have it in both hips and I go for regular injections they work for a couple of months then I go back and get them done again it takes a couple of days for it to kick in but it's worth having them done.Were you not offered the injections.My GP does them for me so I don't have to travel back and forth to the hospital My first injection lasted for about ten years I would ask your GP if he can do it for you let us know how you get on x


Just a small update 1st of April I couldn't bare any weight without the pain being so intense I couldn't walk.

So went to A&E and had a xray showed nothing so was admitted to hospital for 11 days the consultant orderèd a MRI and it showed that it is Transient Osteoporosis of the Hip.

Said that will get better on it's own in 6-12 months, still in pain now but at least I know what it is.

I see the consultant in 6 weeks and another MRI in 3 months.

Its been a pain to get around the house.

Anyone else had this?



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