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Can hemorrhoid heal by it self? I've had constipation a lot . And I feel Little bump in my annual , I don't know what that is . But if my stool is soft , it doesn't come and went away if it's hard it come again. On and off , what should I do ? I'm soo embarrassing to go see dr about this thing . Can anyone please help me? Anyone have this before? What should I do? Please help . Second problems if I don't drink lots of water , my left hip would burn soo badly,l and feel little pressure especially left side and if I drank lots of water it's helped and tested urine white blood cell is postive +and nitrate negative-. Dr just told me to drink lots of water, now Tell me what should I do ? It's constantly come back like twice a month when I don't drink much water or when I drank lots of water at night , slept whole night forgot to empty my ladder , woke up with full bladder, than it's aching or buring or something I don't know . But I know that it's not good to drink lots of water at night because it's resting and relaxing time for ur body. But other than that now I'm ok, just I wanna know if hemorrhoid can go away by it self ??

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Hi ehh22. I have a hemorrhoid that usually doesn't bother me but it does 'pop out' if i get constipated. My GP has prescribed Laxido, which is a laxative - a sachet that you dissolve in water. That's helpful because it also softens the stool. Also it's worth investing in a squatty potty stool - this means you are in the best position to go to the loo - puts much less strain on the bowel and rectum. You can find it on a online, search for 'stress no more' Hope this helps.


Thansk soo much Flossiemoo!


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