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Burning stabbing pain, left side

Hello everyone,

I hope someone here can help me or give me some advice.

Since Dec 2015 I have been experiencing pain in my lower left side, it can't really tell if the pain in caused by my ovary or the bone deep inside?

The pain comes and goes, it is a burning stabbing pain, it is getting worse, especially after sexual intercourse. I almost cry because of the pain.

I was diagnosed in 2005 with endometriosis but have since had 4 children all delivered via c-section.

Do you think maybe the endo has come back or could it be something else?

Your thoughts please x

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Hi Porland

This is an interesting question- pain even in those with confirmed endometriosis tend to have pain not from endometriosis itself. I know this myself as I suffer with endometriosis but also have adenomyosis and IC which all contribute to a considerable amount of pelvic pain. I also suffered with pelvic floor dysfunction which again can also cause immense amounts of pain. I ended up seeing a women's health physiotherapist privately to help on the recommendation of the endometriosis specialist I see as unfortunately the nhs physiotherapy waiting lists for women's health physiotherapy tend to be very long and only a limited number of sessions are given before a new referral has to be made. I was told that my pelvic floor dysfunction developed as a result of the pain from all 3 conditions not being treated. It can almost be described as the body trying to protect itself from the pain. I had internal trigger point release to release the tension in the muscles. The pain over a number of sessions eventually decreased and the area felt so much better. I've began to get some pain back there again so will have some more sessions both before and after my next laparoscopy in the next few months and bladder reconstruction surgery later in the year. Both PFD and IC can flare up after or during sexual intercourse. You don't mention any problems with urinary frequency although it maybe that you are experiencing pain from the bladder, but usually with IC frequency and bladder pain typically go hand in hand

It could equally be that the endometriosis has reared its ugly head again but I would look for alternative causes first as I think it is easy to blame endometriosis when it might not be the culprit this time. I would keep a daily pain diary noting down if you have any pain, what triggered it/increased it including exercise, UTI, periods, all foods and drinks eaten and drunk, medications currently taken etc. It might produce a useful starting point for your GP to work with and who to refer you to if necessary. A women's physiotherapist can also help you with this if needed. I hope this helps but feel free to contact me if you need anything


Wow I can't believe how long ago I wrote my post, since then I have had a a laparoscopy which diagnosed my ovary was being stretched stuck to my bowel. They removed as much endo as they could but there is a lot deep within the bowel. I suffer badly with constipation, I can go weeks. I was offered this injection for 6 months but i'm scared of the side effects. ;-(


Hi Porland

Yes definitely seems a long time ago. About the injection I would give it a go and ask for add back which will hopefully help. I had 3 months without the add back and was absolutely fine with no side effects. I’ve now been on it for 5 years as the adenomyosis is severe and unresponsive to other medications and I don’t want a hysterectomy. It’s also helped with my endometriosis. Please don’t listen to all the bad press out there. Those that respond well to the injection or get no side effects rarely post. It’s only those with the side effects that do. I hope this helps


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