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Pudendal Nerve Block Question

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Hi I am new here and suffer from pudendal neuralgia I had a pudendal nerve block three days ago. It was xray guided with anestetic and steroid. Last night and all day today my legs have been numb including my right foot. Feels very prickly and aches. I am getting nervous about this and am wondering if this has happened to anyone else and if so did it go away? I would love to hear from anyone. Thanks

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Hi ...yes happened to me exactly the same..had the block 18 months ago..still get the same burning in my right foot. ..Still have the pudendal neuralgia. ..discharged from hospital nothing can be done.Pain manage my self through physio internally with a Therawand and medium dose of Lyrica

Hope that helps

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Julieamb in reply to buzzdriver

So your foot still burns it never returned to normal? Oh geez I'm scared it's uncomfortable in both my legs and my right foot.

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buzzdriver in reply to Julieamb

No still burns but comes and goes ....never had it until nerve block

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Sorry forgot to say thanks for the reply. I felt fine when I left after the block that's why this scares me so much it stated two days later.

Hi, I had a nerve block in my groin which made my thigh and lower leg numb, couldn't even lift my leg to get into car home.

The thigh thing wore off later the same day, anaesthetic that had drifted a bit astray

The leg and foot tingling went back to notmal after a week or so.

It should wear off, please post again and let us know if it has helped!

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Julieamb in reply to Laura333

Thanks and I will let you know how it goes I'm feeling very worried!

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Laura333 in reply to Julieamb

Try not to worry, I know, easier said than done, but it's unlikely to be permanentl

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Julieamb in reply to Laura333

Thanks I'm just worried because I was fine right after the block this started two days after it.

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mtown1967 in reply to Laura333

Hi Laura. I am curious about the nerve block in you groin muscle. I have strong muscle contractions in both the right and left groin. Did you get any relief at all? Did the doctor use Ladacain and a steriod? What type of doctor did you see to get the shot. Every doctor has thrown their hands up in the air. Basically the doctors have said the pain is all in my head. It's pathetic. We are the customer. And yet they just take the money and run. 3 1/2 years of countless negative tests and soul searching for answers. Any follow up would be great. Thanks :)

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Laura333 in reply to mtown1967

Hi, the nerve block I had was for a condition called meralgia paraesthetica, whre the lateral curtaneous nerve is trapped as it passes through the groin and causes numbness and sharp stabbing pains on the outside of your thigh.

I have it bilaterally, and it goes from my groin right down the outside of my thighs to my knees.

It was a consultant anaesthetist at the pain clinic who tried to get the right area to put in both anaesthetic and steroid.

It was very difficult for him to try and get the right area, and it wasn't successful.

He offered to try to get the main spinal nerve that branches off to both sides, but I didn' t take him up on it. Sometimes enough is enough. I have had this condition for around twenty years. The nerve pain can be horrendous.

Have you had an mri with tesla 3.0 magnet or a mrn

The anaesthetic and steroid is injected as near as possible to the nerve, but over days can seep into surrounding tissues and nerves.

Hopefully it should wear off.

The front of my thigh went numb having injections for a different condition.That lasted for weeks, unfortunately it didn't do a thing for the area it was supposed to!

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Julieamb in reply to Laura333


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Akabc123 in reply to Laura333

What happens if he hits the nerve does it heal on its own

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Laura333 in reply to Akabc123

I have only had that happen once, when having a spinal injection. Yes mine did heal on its own.

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Akabc123 in reply to Laura333

How long will it take

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Laura333 in reply to Akabc123

A couple of days if I remember, it was a few years ago, this thread is three years old. You need to start a new one. You’ll get more answers.

I had it done about 3 years ago on john hopkins hospital. I experienced symptoms worst than when i came in. Burning and aching pain and numbing for about 3 months. It will diminish as time goes by. But no resolution to my issues with pudendal pain. Physical therapy and learning What triggers the pain to help you cope with the issues is a must. Pain meds is not the answer for me. Will only mask the problem that will still be there. You can still live a decent quality of life.

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Julieamb in reply to Eddie1825

Thanks yes agree with physical therapy have been doing it for many months now. My pelvic floor area actual feels better since the block which is amazing but both legs and my right foot are just painful and prickly numb feeling. I hope it's just a crazy reaction to the block. Again thanks.

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Eddie1825 in reply to Julieamb

Yes, with time it will go away.

It is a reaction to the steroids meds. Your welcome.

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Maylee2014 in reply to Eddie1825

How help me

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Eddie1825 in reply to Maylee2014

Help you with what?

I had these same symptoms after my nerve block. They cleared in about a week. The sciatic nerve is very close to the pudendal nerve. So often set off by blocks too the pudendal nerve. I now have a pudendal interstitial which has helped with pain about 50%. The block often just confirms diagnosis of pudendal neuralgia.

Ok thanks and yes my doctor said he does two blocks about four to six weeks apart to confirm diagnosis and maybe offer some relief. Which I have some relief but painful legs and numb foot now. Hopeful they will clear soon though. Is a pudendial interstial the same as a pudendial interstim? If not will you please share what that is. Thanks

Yes, it's the interstim. My computer auto-corrected. Sorry. Pudendal interstim is where he applied the stim directly to the pudendal nerve. Instead of S2, S3, S4. FYI.

Hi thanks if you don't mind my asking where did you have the interstim done? I'm in the states and I've heard there are only two docs doing it that way. My urologist at the Cleveland clinic mentioned I think a doc named Ken Peters. Also did your nerve block include steroids? I think that is what I am reacting to. This has been very helpful to hear from so many people thank you!

Yes, Dr. Ken Peter's did my interstim. He is in Oak Park, MI. Suburb of Detroit. Pain reduced about 50%. No steroids were involved with the treatment. Hope this helps.

Hi thank you I will have to look in to that. I was referring to your nerve block when I asked if steroids were involved. Believe that is where these numb legs are coming from. Thanks again:)

Oh, sorry I misunderstood, when I looked back, your question was clear. Could be. I wonder if he accidentally touched the sciatic nerve with the needle? Steroids are anti-inflammatory and the pudendal nerve is very close to the sciatic, which sends messages down the legs. I think the steroid helps more if the nerve is irritated and inflamed. My nerve is damaged from mesh complications, so much more than irritated! I hope this numbness and burning disappear soon for you. What I hate most about all of this is not many doctors know all that much about this - we need a degree in medicine to get through and figure out what will help. I've travelled to CA, AZ, MI, MO, GA, TN and live in AL for the help. So crazy!! I am fortunate that I could do it and I have learned an awful lot. Just not my chosen field. LOL.

Thanks once again for your reply. I am damaged from mesh as well. I could not agree more that we have to solve every step of this horrible situation on our own. I have never read and researched more on a subject ! I live in Columbus Ohio and thus far have only traveled to the Cleveland Clinic after exhausting all possibilities here in Columbus. The clinic doc is the one who believes mesh is involved. I have talked to Dr. Varonikis (think sp right) a surgeon in Missouri about total removal sent him my post op notes and mesh information planned to fly there to be seen by him this past December but then was referred to this pelvic floor pain doc at the clinic to see if the block gives any relief which it is and then he does a second block to confirm and then if have relief he will ablate the nerve. My legs are coming around a little today but it's just all so much. I am torn on the next step.... always seems like one very slow step forward then two steps back. I was a crazy active normal person till all this started as I'm sure you were too. It feels good to be talking to someone who can relate. Did you ever consider total removal of the mesh? I have read that if you have it removed you should not do partial... so you feel like you are 50% better with the pudendal interstim? I did the sacral interstim trial had great results for urgency which I deal with but couldn't really notice a difference in pain. As I said earlier Ken Peters was brought up by my urologist. Are you happy with him? I just don't even know who to trust anymore. I am also very fortunate to be able to travel to keep trying to solve this problem. I'm sorry if I am going on and on, you are just the first person to ever mention being damaged from mesh to me and it just feels good to share. If it's ok let me know what you think of Ken Peters, and if you ever considered doing an ablation off the horrible pudendale nerve. The surgery that did this to me was this past July and I just can't stop trying to figure this all out to get back to some kind of normal. Thank you and please accept my apology if this is just too much information! Julie :)

I'm sure you have heard of Dr. Raz. He is the best at removal. He gets it all, even in the obturators, you have a good chance of getting better from the removal. I had a partial removal and it is absolutely the worst decision. The mesh goes crazy when part is removed. My theory is it no longer is held taut and is free to roam. It got into both sides of my urethra and caused all kinds of issues. My opinion is get the mesh out 1st. It can also cause auto immune responses and breaks down the longer it is in. It is a horrible surgery, very painful. But so worth it. I wish I had known this in the beginning. After you heal from mesh removal, then you can explore pudendal neuralgia. Also, the mesh could be aggravating your nerves. I had a TOT and they go into the alcocks canal, which is where the nerves are located. I can't help myself -idiot doctors! You might get the nerve abated, but it might not affect the core cause. Feel free to ask me anything and share whatever you want. It is important for our emotional health to do this. I'm so sorry for your pain and suffering.

Oh I am so sorry for your pain as well. I have heard and read about Dr. Raz he and this Dr. Varonikis in St. Louis are the only two that get rave reviews for total removal. That was what I was sure I was going to do but then these other scenarios were brought up. The thought of another huge surgery is so overwhelming! I supposedly had a prolapsed vagina... my chief complaint when all this started was urinary urgency. Then the conclusion was made that my vagina was prolapsed and was likely causing the urgency. So I had a sacrococplexy with mesh to hold things in place. Asked all about it and was told it was safe and the gold standard for vaginal prolapse...so had the surgery and still had the urgency and all this new pain. I'm so sorry you had a partial removal. As you said idiot docs. Thanks for sharing and listening.

Anytime. I know the thought of surgery is overwhelming. I don't see a way around it. I think the mesh has to be removed first. I am hesitant to say, but I've heard some negatives of Dr. V. This is here say, as I didn't talk to the person first hand. However I did trust the person who told me. There are other doctors doing removals. But I know for a fact that Dr. Raz thrives on the difficult cases. If you had a prolapse repair, that has more arms. I know you're suffering. I hate mesh. I'm sure you've seen mesh medical news desk. Lots of good info. there. We are now so complicated, that it is hard for them to figure out what to do. My pain didn't start for 14 months, when my sling shrank. If it started right away after implantation, then I suspect the mesh. Dr. Hibbert has/had? a film on you tube that showed mesh being put through the center of the pudendal nerve. If that is your case, the interstim wouldn't help. You're in a terrible spot and it stinks!! SO SORRY. I've had 19 surgeries in the last 8 years trying to deal with the mess it has made. The shorter amount of time mesh is in, the easier it is to remove. I hate to see anyone suffer. All this over incontinence!! Me too!! I'd take incontinence any day of the week over this. I hope I haven't overwhelmed you with this. I care and I want the best for us all. Hang in there.

I am still searching for PN relief too--have you had any success yet?

Oh my goodness you poor dear..I had mine in San Francisco with Dr. Weiss, like something out of a Vincent Price movie to be exact... they are such a nightmare and it didnt do anything for me either. The experience itself is so traumatic. I didnt experience your symptoms afterwards. But, the steroids gave me charlie horse cramps and anxiety, so I am sure it doesn weird things to others as well. The previous post in reference to the location of the shot is so accurate. Do you know what the cause is for the nerve pain? I am being treated for muscle imbalances caused by a fall years ago and had a labral tear. did you incurr any accidents etc?

Hi I had a hysterectomy three years ago at the age of 44. I am a breast cancer survivor and my oncologist wanted me to have the hysterectomy because I had a blood test that had a result that made him worry that I could have ovarian cancer. I had already had an ovary out years before due to endometriosis and my OB doc really said it was only a matter of time before I would have to have a full hysterectomy. So I agreed to do it. I was fine up until this past July when I started to have a lot of urinary urgency. I was referred to a urogynocologist who determined my vagina was prolapsed and probably sitting on my bladder so he performed a sacrococplexy surgery for the prolapse. It did involve mesh being used which he of course told me was very safe....I Still have the urgency and now tons of pain which they think is pudendal neurologia. I have been doing Pt since August have had Botox which did help with the constant spasming. I went to the Cleveland clinic for the nerve block with a pain management doc who specializes in pelvic floor pain. Now have this crazy feeling in both my legs and right foot and am trying to hold on that it will subside. It seems like the block has helped my pelvic floor some but now the legs.... so that's the basic version of my story. Julie

Oh geex, thats a different story..gosh darn that mesh! I would seek some advice from someone who can take it out,which is very specialized or cryoblation is something I would consider..I would be willing to chat further if you like:) phone is so much nicer

Hi Julieamb, i also have had the nerve blocks and wobbly legs can happen afterwoods . It should be fine , it takes a week or so to recover from the trauma of a block. I do hope it helps with your pain, Bobby X

I hope I recover quickly this all is just so crazy! Thank you for your response. Julie :)

I had the block on October 23 and still have burning in my feet and private area and it has gone away. Before the block I didn’t have this

Hello Julieamb,

Don't be nervous. I have had several pudendal nerve blocks and they all did this to me. I also for the first day really couldn't walk. I actually sprained my ankle because I had a drop foot from the nerve block on my left side lol. It will pass. You have relief from the block that is great. My relief would only last for the most ever 3-4 days. I'm now in the process of scheduling an appointment for cryoablation. I will keep the group informed. Praying we all have pain free days soon. Deb🙏🌹🤞

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Julieamb in reply to Debra13

Ok thanks, did your block include steroids? I feel like I am probably having a reaction to the steroids. My doc said he does two blocks with steroids and if you get relief it's for sure your pudendal nerve and then he can do an ablation. I am having relief in my pelvic floor but these legs. And the numbness it just feels like it will never seem to end. I too pray for relief for us all. Please keep us posted on the cryoablation. Thanks!

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Debra13 in reply to Julieamb

Yes, my block had steroids. I had a total of 8 pudendal nerve blocks and one ganglion impar block. All gave me temporary relief lasting only a few days. Well worth it to me even if it was only a few hours without this horrible pain. I will let you know how the cryoablation goes. I had the radio frequency ablation as well. Two of them. It didn't work for me but everyone should different. I thought the first one may have helped a little but the second one didn't at all. Good luck and these other symptoms you are having, fear not ok. They will go away. Keep in touch. 👍😃🌹Deb

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Julieamb in reply to Debra13

Thank you and yes please let us know how the cryoablation goes. My doc does the radio frequency ablation if the nerve blocks provide some relief, which it has, but my feet and legs still aren't right, but that hopefully should go away....

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anne77 in reply to Debra13

Did you get the cry oblation? I am most interested:)

I have an appointment for cyroabalation in March that's only if the diagnostic injection helps. Any one has any experience with cyroabalation? Any know side effects? I've been suffering with pudendal neuralgia and a whole lot of other pelvic issues for more than 3.5 years now. My life has been altered.

Any help would be appreciated.


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Debra13 in reply to Rajatsethi

Hello Rajatsethi,

Are you having the procedure done out in Atlanta Georgia? I just curious with Dr. Prolongo. That is who I'm in the process of making my appointment with. I have yet to talk to anyone who has had it done. Please if you go before can you let me and all of us on this site know how you did. Thank you. Deb👍🙏 praying for you and that the procedure works.

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Rajatsethi in reply to Debra13

Hi Deb,

Thank you for the prayers. Yes, I'm going to Dr. Prologo. I dont know of anyone who's gone to him.

I'll surely let everyone know of how I do. I'm told that I need to make 2 visits so GA. One for the diagnostic injection and a second visit for the actual procedure.

In case youd like to connect, message me. Would love to connect.



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anne77 in reply to Rajatsethi

Did you have any luck with Dr. Prologo? I am searching for answers!

Ummm no that isn't right at all. And, a good OB wouldn't need to do this by ultrasound guidance. If this doesn't release soon get back in and to different doctor.

With doctor prolongo I know it is a guided imagery pudendal nerve block initially first to make sure you actually have the pudendal neuralgia and then he does the cryoablation. I was under the impression this could be done in one trip though. Financially, and for the person who is taking me it's going to be hard to make two trips. I hope since I gave them my documents confirming pudendal neuralgia they will do this in one trip. We shall see. They are supposed to set up my appointment this week. And yes Rajat I would love to keep in touch with you. I will email you my personal email today. Ok. Deb. Praying for all of us. Deb.🙏🤞👍😘

Pudendal neuralgia is mindbody syndrome (also known as tension myoneural syndrome). I suffered from it for 28 months, had nerve blocks which didnt work. Then figured it all out, did some emotional work and starting sitting and such again gradually and it left me like many others. Jump on the tms wiki forum and you will see many people revovered from it doing what i have told you. Help yourself.

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Debra13 in reply to tholden85


Please, I'm very curious about this. Can you explain it? And where do I go on the web to learn. I suffered for a long time prior to a surgery that made me worse but before this, I truly felt like I was healing myself. Can you get back to me. It took me a long time to get it to the point I was at where my pain was a 2-3/10 at worst a 5/10 on the pain scale. I would get 4 very bad exacerbations a year that would last anywhere from 2-6 weeks. However, my life wasn't a normal life and there were of course triggers like I called them. I'm definitely interested in how you have helped yourself. Thank you Deb. I'm getting really tired of all the procedures and medications. I have only one last hope that's if I fit the criteria for an appointment.

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tholden85 in reply to Debra13

Hi Debra,

If you google tension myoneural/myositis syndrome also known as mindbody syndrome or TMS. You will begin to get an understanding of pain can be produced in our body due to emotional reasons as well as triggers (Activities that we do on a daily basis that trigger our pain). This condition affects us all but primarily people who tend to repress their emotions, try to avoid conflict, good people who put others needs constantly ahead of there own tend to experience this pain sydndrome to the extreme. It works like this, you may be completely overwhelmed in your life, going through a divorce, family unrest, hating your job etc. and all of those negative emotions are bubbling up inside. Now someone who is like I'm guessing you are is likely to not fly off the handle and meltdown shouting and screaming letting out all their frustration. Instead you repress those emotions. These emotions build up to a point when they have to come out somewhere, so your back starts to hurt, you get sciatica, nerve pain, pelvic pain, pudendal nerve pain. The pain serves as a distraction for you, you focus on the pain rather than how much you hate your boss, husband etc. To hate these parts of your life is very socially taboo but pain on the other hand is very socially acceptable. In essence your pain is a both a distraction for your overwhelmed mind and also a message that you are out of alignment emotionally. In short your subconcious mind is trying to do you a favour by taking your attention off these negative emotions and giving you something to focus on (pain) which society and yourself understand. Many people say they would rather have the negative emotions entering their concious mind rather than the pain, however our society is not set up that way. From a young age we are taught to be polite, have manners, not get angry, not hurt other people. We are taught that these things are the worst things you can do. So what happens when things go really wrong in your life and these negative emotions overwhelm you and threaten to enter your conscious mind. Your brain has spent decades learning that these emotions are detrimental to your survival, therefore your brain represses them and produces pain to give you something to focus on. Its easy to say my pelvis/back hurts, but not so easy to say your struggling emotionally. In order to understand this concept, you have to understand that your mind and your body are one. When your embarassed your face goes red, when your excited your heart races, emotions are reflected in the body.

There are heaps of great books on "TMS". Some I recommend are "The mindbody Perscription"by Dr John Sarno (He is a rehabilitation doctor who has pioneered a lot of this work.)

"The Great Pain Deception" by Steve Ozanich

"Unlearn your Pain" Dr Howard Schubiner

The first step to curing yourself is to accept that the pain you feel is totally harmless and is coming from an emotional place. Don't focus on the pain at all. The pain syndrome is trying to draw your attention so if you dont give it, it is redundant. Then you have to tackle these triggers head on, start sitting a little more everyday, walking more everyday, and be confident, the pain is benign, dont fear it. Build up your tolerance to these activities bit by bit and you will see that you will get your life back bit by bit.

Ive posted some links below which is from a website that has a great forum about tension myoneural syndrome (TMS) which has a lot of information about the condition and stories about the thousands of people that have cured themselves of it. The first link is another ladies story that has had failedsurgery for pudendal nerve entrapment and managed to cure herself doing this work. The last story is my own.

If you have any questions let me know.

Id have a look at the books I mentioned on Amazon.com and read the reviews. They are really inspiring.

Good luck




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Jenuk32 in reply to tholden85

Could you explain in more detail please? I had groin pain caused by jumping on a pretend riding bull with my legs open and had throbbing pain by my pubic bone the stress of the pain caused me to tense my pelvic floor for 2 months now I’m left with nerve pains in my vagina and anus which I didn’t have after injury it sort of developed I’m wondering if my stress and tensing has actually caused the nerve problems? I’m on amitriptaline now which has calmed my pelvic floor and able to relax now I’m hoping it improves with time.


I suffer with pudendal neuropathy too. I've tried everything from surgery to neurostimulators to nerve blocks. The only thing that has helped me is stem cell therapy. I recently received a injection of stem cell paste into my damaged pudendal nerve area. The paste is highly concentrated with stem cells.The stem cells are harvested from my abdominal adipose tissue through mini lipo-suction. If u want more information on my physician, message me. My doctor practiced as a gynecology. But now does cosmetic surgery & stem cell therapy. It has been 7days since the procedure. So far I don't have any burning pelvic pain.

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sahlns in reply to KaseyKat

Where in the world did you get this done???? I read that there is an Italian team working in Milan on stem cell injections into the Alcock's canal. Are you in the UK or the US, and where?

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KaseyKat in reply to sahlns


I can’t give you information with regard to location/phone # on the forum. Send me a email.

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sahlns in reply to KaseyKat

thanks very much

Hey kasey,

I took was researching stem cell replacement because my cousin had stem cell replacement for a different reason and I came across Dr. Malan's name and his research on pudendal neuralgia. I didn't know how to get in touch with this man but was very interested. Can you please send me the information. Like you I have tried everything nerve blocks, frequency, stimulater. You name it. I'm supposed to go for cryoablation this march. How are you doing now? There is just something about using your own stem cells that seems logical to me. Please get back to. You can private message me if you like. Thank you and I hope the burning is still gone. Deb 🤞👍🙏

I also had pudendal neuralgia but did not do the steryoid injections. i was in chronic pain for 3 1/2 years. After dozens of incorrect diagnosis and physio therapy, accunpcture, chiro, meds, water therapy, ganglio injections, i finally was diagnosed with pudendal neurolgia and saw treatement with The Dellon Institute in Baltimore. I had surgery to remove the damaged pudenal nerves and am on week 9 of post surgery, pain free!!!!!!!!!!!!!! If in fact your correct diagnosis in pudenal neuralia I highly recommend checking into Dr. Dellon, he saved my life!!! Best of Luck!!

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mikeah007 in reply to pieper

I have a similar problem. How are you doing months later?

Hi I am doing pretty good most days. I have had three nerve blocks and each one has helped the pain improve. The numbness in my legs has gone away too. I will probably move forward with a pudendal nerve radio frequency ablation because that should provide even longer relief. I have a very good pain management doc in the US at the Cleveland Clinic who specializes in pelvic floor pain management. Best of luck to you it is such a painful challenging condition!

Last year I had an ultrasound-guided injection for my pudendal neuralgia. It didn't really do anything because my problems no longer involved pain thanks to me being treated by a pelvic floor physical therapist. I went hoping it could help me with something else but it didn't work.

If it had been in an injection to relax my tight pelvic floor muscles that would have been a different story.

I'm glad Physical Therapy worked for me because I've heard from so many people that surgery for pudendal neuralgia does not always work. Of course I did not have do not have pudendal nerve entrapment which is completely different from pudendal neuralgia.

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