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ovestinon via vaginal

i have just realised that the 0.5mg hormonal pessaries are helping with my pelvic pain.

this could mean that my problem is nerve related due to something moving or growing inside me.

i've been a bit worried about using estrogen and dont know how often i dare use the above pessaries. can anyone enlighten me?

i'm nearly 69 and had this pain 5 years.

theres no point in going back to doctors as all tests negative.

digestive specialists say i have IBS

urologist diagnosis is chronic pelvic pain.

gynnos say nothings wrong.

i see on an xray that one of my sterilization clips is open but doesnt seem to have migrated.

i couldn't persuade any of them to do a laprascope.

i also have the joy of being on a 2year waiting list for a colonoscopy with general anaesthetic as i'm not brave enough to endure the torture again of my first one that was abandoned.

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Hi I have been prescribed estrogel pessarys. I have bad pelvic pain which came on all of a sudden 2 mths ago. Doc said at the time it was not infection and I went to see consultant. I had bladder camera and the trouble was the lining of my bladder was very thin and bleeding . I had hysterectomy at 44 and had my overies taken out as well and I was very low on estrogem. I was in agony everyday until I started the pessarys 3 times a week. Mine is a lot stronger than yours. It will take 2 months to thicken the lining of my bladder and then I will stay on maintenance dose. I also take 1 antibiotic a night to stop infection. I'm nearly 65. I know someone who uses it every day. Im sorry I've not been more help to you. Best wishes xx


you have been very helpful to me.

my urologist report said my bladder was very thin but i didnt think this was anything bad.

do you notice blood in your urine?

do you mean your aquaintance uses what i use or what you are using.

i think we're on to something here.

thanks so much.


i also meant to ask if you feel the need to pipi all the time?


Hi. The consultant said I had blood in my urine even though the test they was using at docs didn't pick it up. I was in so much pain it was agony. I'm using vagifem 10 micro grams. My friend has a lower dose. I had been using HRT gel on my thighs for 20yrs and it worked well for 20yrs .i wasn't sure about using the vagifem but the pain was so bad I couldn't do anything. I hope you feel better soon. I have a bowel prolapse as well but it dosnt give me any problems but the consultant wants to repair when she has sorted this other problem. I had really bad pain on the left side of my pelvis and that's quite common as well. xx


you know what-it would be nice if i could get a diagnosis i believed in.

instead of being fobbed off with IBS and chronic pelvic pain.

for gods sake i knew that anyway.

are you on national health in uk or private?

i'm on national health in spain.

people tell me they are very good.

5 years of pain for me also on the left.

so do you know if your left sided pain is anything to do with your bladder or bowel prolapse.

i was on oral HRT for probably 13 years ,just loving it, then i got a polyps removed and the surgeon said no more HRT.

i feel very let down by my doctors and have been trying to figure all this out by myself.

i have no choice.

your input has helped tremendously.


I pleased to have helped. I went private because we have health insurance. The pain in to do with infection once I took nitrofurantoin 50mg 4aday for a week the pain went. I take one a day now to keep infection away until the hrt does its job. I know several people that live in Spain and have been in hospital there a few times ( I'm asthmatic) and they say the treatment there is good. It's so frustrating when you can't get sorted out. xx


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