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Pelvic organ pain in pregnancy

Hi All,

I'm wondering if anyone can offer some advice for me please?

I had a large baby in April 2014 and had some mild prolapses from it. With PT, this resolved itself but left me with an irritated urethra/bladder for about 9-12 months after (for 3 months longer than I breastfed). Then it just started to resolve itself and I was pain free for about 18 months.

I'm now 25 weeks pregnant and its all back! Prolapses have come back, albeit in a minor way. It's more the burning and tight urethra that is sore. But my insides sometimes feel very tight and uncomfortable. It's a strange feeling and i'm not doing very well at explaining it (because I can't really explain it..... it just doesn't feel right!)

What I wonder is if I could be overdoing my PF exercises and causing too much tightness in my PF? My physio is off on holiday and since I'm pregnant my Dr won't give me anything apart from suggesting cranberry tablets (which have never worked!)

Any help or tips would be greatly received!



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Is there anyone here that could help? I'm at my wits end. Sitting in tears!!


You need to mention this to your consultant who you are signed up to for your pregnancy. Sorry I am unable to help.


I had urine kidney infections right up till I was five months pregnant I got pain when I asked my doctor what is was he told me could be cause of the ligaments stretching during pregnancy i also suffered pelvic pain all through my pregnancy to which I was told was normal only thing I can suggest is contacting maternity unit and asking them what it could be xx


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