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Recommendations for a trusted Endo Gynecologist London or SE?

Hello ladies,

I have a query regarding Consultant Gynecologist in the London or SE area.

Can anyone recommend a trusted Gynae who is the best at surgical procedure and sympathetic to Endo symptoms and chronic pelvic pain?

My G.P says I need a referral fairly quickly due to recent scans as the Gynecologist I say last year in October 2015 Sussex just wasted my time – she performed a hysteroscopy but not biop, stated I should have another laparoscopy in January and then did not get I touch with either myself of my G.P for 7 months and I repeatedly had to chase the hospital (*NHS patent in Private sector) to find out what was happening then to cover up her ‘mistake’ she wrote a letter which basically just was a lie and even my G.P was flabbergasted at her response as it just does not tally up.

I have since had another pelvic scan due to bleeding issues and my G.P wants me to be referred on however as I had an awful experience with a locum performing my last laparoscopy in 2011 which has triggered continued pain and many other health problems I am scared and worried about who to trust.

The full story is very complex so I will not go into it here but the crux is that I need to feel 100% confident that whoever I go to see will not turn out to be another botched op fiasco and waste of time.

The consultant I used to be under on the NHS back in 2010 recently stated to see NHS patients again after a long stint of ‘private only’ so My G. P reff’d me to see her at UCHL but she will not see me as she stated she is only doing fertility clinics not general gyae.

I wanted to see Mr.George Pandis at UCHL but sadly discovered he passed away.

I also asked if I could see Mr Ertan Saridogan at UCHL but am informed that he is ‘on long term sick leave’.

I also have onging chronic Pelvic Pain now since 2011 which has not been resolved and other UroGyne issues also.

I know the rules on here for not fully naming names for recommendations in open posts so please PM me with any recommendations.

*Also please note I am not online everyday due to being so unwell at the moment so If you do PM me and do not get a response straight away please do not be insulted I promise I will respond as soon as I can.

Thanking you in advance.

Best wishes,

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Hi it sounds like you need to be referred to a bsge specialist endometriosis centre. If you go onto the endometriosis forum ( on this healthunlocked site )and look for a lady called Lindle she has devised alot of information about treatment pathways and how to be referred to a specialist centre, if I was more computer literate I would post you the link. Also i'm under the specialist endo centre at john radcliff oxford which also have a pelvic pain clinic, your gp can refer you there also.

Hope this helps I know how hard it is getting any proper help..

Good luck x


I would look on the BSGE website for a specialist although you might want to consider being seen outside central London as unfortunately the waiting times for many specialists there are extremely long with even 'urgent' cases waiting many months. I know the one I'm at has a very long waiting time. It might be worth while looking at the list on the above site seeing who you could see both in terms of distance remembering that often with surgery even if complex is now routinely offered as day surgery so you'd need to be happy/comfortable to travel back home afterwards

I completely understand your trust issues as most endometriosis sufferers have them as well with gynaecologists but there are many good and caring ones out there. It's very difficult to actually recommend someone as what suits one patient might not suit another. As you have other gynae problems it maybe that there isn't one specialist who could deal with all of your problems so you might need to be under the care of an endo specialist and also a urogynaecologist in the same hospital/trust who each deal with your problems separately but liaise together so they are both aware of what is going on with you, how to help you and what care you need in terms of possible surgery and medical treatments. My advice to you and it was something I did before getting referred to an accredited centre was research. So you might do some or all of the following:

1) Look online at possible centres interested in and ring around to get an idea of waiting times. The consultant when they receive your letter will decide whether you are an urgent case or not and an appt will be allocated based on need/symptoms etc

2) look at the consultants nhs profile - if available and their profile for any private hospital/practice they work at. This should give you a 'feel' for the consultant and you will be able to see any area of specialisation they have

3) It maybe you decide at this stage not seeing a urogynaecologist but it might be worth your GP asking in the letter if it's worthwhile seeing one. If so the specialist should be able to refer you as its within the same gynae dept. Mines always been able to do this when needed.

4) Book appt with GP with choice of endo centre, any questions and points you want included in the letter

I hope this helps and good luck


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