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Groin/Vagina/Hip PAIN

Hi, I was wondering If anyone has vagina pain and it feels hard and swollen ànd groin pain??

Also if so has anyone had any x rays,mri's, bone scans on outside of vagina and groin??

Because the doctors have not mentioned those type of scans. I've only had groin scan which they set only checking for hernia (not found). And internal vagina scan, hip x ray, mri hip, physio and they found nothing.

Had pain for a year nd 4 months and its only got worse. I'm 25.

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hi there, you don't mention how you got this pain. what might have caused this or has this come about on its own


Hi. I am not sure how it come about. The only things I can think of. Is I have an allotment and when I got my allotment I is when the pain started. Maybe from kneeling down all the time weeding..


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