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Remove rectum or reattach small bowel to it. ??? Decisions decisions

I have had a iliostomy bag after slow transit constipation caused my life a misery and my large bowel slowed to a stop. I am coping well with bag and much improved but mucus from large bowel causing chaos. My surgeon is now going to remove large bowel. He has given me a choice of keeping my bag but might still get a tiny mucus. Or full surgery to remove rectum also. Or to remove large bowel and try to reattach small bowel directly to rectum this may not work but if it does I will lose bag. I'm so unsure although I don't want a bag I am coping well and don't want to go backwards. Any thoughts or advice would be appreciated xx

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These methods sound seriously dramatic. Presumably you have tried daily suppositories and/or enemas. These may sound naive but I don't know the cause for your condition.


Yes I have tried everything even trial drugs for last 4 years. Just got worse and worse. Now I have iliostomy bag but having horrendous problems with bowel my as that makes me incontinant and in agony



I had a colostomy due to pelvic outlet obstruction after nerve damage in my sacrum from prior surgery. After, I had mucous in my rectum where I could not expel it due to weakened muscles. Only way for relief was to remove my rectum. Pain was horrific. Yet, I am still left with the nerve pain. I would suggest the least invasive procedure. Do not have anything permanent unless absolutely necessary. I am 63 and have been thru hell. It continues yet not as bad as pre op. I could not live b4. I hope this helps


PS.... I did try suppository and enemas.. Biofeedback as well. You need to know you tried everything. Are both procedures permanent ? I am a bit confused with 2 options


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