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Severe pelvic pain

Hello, I am from Bosnia. Have problems with bladder pain frequency and urgency from 2009, dignosed IC in 2013. In Vienna. Also have problems with sensations like pins and needles and burning in skin, itching. No actuall numbness, just sensations. Heavy legs Nd somethimes fatigue and unateadiness on feet.All neurologic exams are fine including several MRI of head and spine. No diagnosis. After delivery baby 11 months ago, symptomes free regarding bladder! But 6 months ago started to feel constant severe pain in pelvis around vaginal opening and sitting bones. Pain is so severe that I can not functioning at all. Can not take care of my baby. Can not work. Can not have sex. I think I can not even put tamopon. Like I have a spasm. Have this pain before while bladder pain but never constant for 24 hours a day and 6 months with grade 8-10 from 10! Had. C section. Did not open after my wather broke not even 1 cm. All gyneacologist say I am tigh and have everything small and ask me if I was professional at sport. Always had painfull sex and too tight pelvic muscles. Read about dr. Ken peters in royal oak mitchigan who said that many patients have IC as consequence of their pelvis muscles if they are too tight or in spasm. I do not know what came first, ic or problems with pelvis but no one ever exEmined my pelvic floor muscles, nerves... Only bladder exemination under general anesthesia. I am desperatelly trying to find any doctor/clinic/physiotherapist who can exemine my pelvis floor and tell me is it spasm, is it pudendal nerve or something else. I read about dr. Barnowski in london, mrs. Maria elliott also in london (physiotherapist). I hVe to get a loan from bank to finance my trip to england and it ia very important to me to make a good choice where to go. Read about nantes. Do you know any other clinic or dr to recommend anywhere in europe? I know that in usa are good spec. For this but i can not finance that right now. Do you know how that exam of pelvis look like? I will make mri on 3t of pelvis beefore my trip even i know that it is hard to see nerves on it.

Please help, i am pretty desperate and in lot of pain!

Thank you all!

Greeting from sarajevo!

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Maybe it is too late, as the post is old, but you cannot go wrong with Helen Keeble. Google her and you'll find her details. She is based in London (Clapham).

Good luck!


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