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Cannot find chocolate cyst in ultrasound after a month

Cannot find chocolate cyst in ultrasound after a month

Hi, i am 20 nd half yr old and last month was diagnosed with PCOD in my right ovary and 4 cm plus CHOCOLATE CYST in my left ovary during my periods from ultrasound after dealing with all symptoms associated from last 2 yrs. (eg- Hirsutism and lot more)

Now after a month I went for second opinion during my periods and Radiology Doctor could not find my chocolate cyst During my ultrasound. My both ovaries are swollen and bulky in size and they failed to perform 3d ultrasound and are suspecting PCOD. They have called me for 3d ultrasound after 10 days.

i am attaching my latest ultrasound film.

But my all issues and pains have increased than before.

Can this happen?

I am really confused that what should i believe and what does this means and not able to figure out what should i do.

I am dealing with this on my own with no support from anyone, so please Any help will be appreciated.

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what is a chocolate cyst?ive never heard of that term used before


Hi I had a chocolate cyst when I was your age. They can burst or re-absorb so that could be why it disappeared? Mine turned out to be endometriosis which was very painful. Know that you are not alone and people on this site really care. Take care


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