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Has anyone received Wurn Technique therapy? It is also known as "Clear Passage." It is available an hour or so from where I live and has been recommended, but the price tag is significant, $5400. I don't think my insurance will help, as it has a limit for PT sessions per year, and I'm already within a few sessions of the max. Thanks!

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  • Let us know how it goes if you do it. Research is always good. How did u find it?

  • It was recommended by the (umpteenth) provider I've seen in the past nine months.

  • It looks like Clear Passage is Out-of-Network of all insurances, and it's unclear as to whether an insurance company will even pay out-of-network benefits. They have a Financing & Insurance page on their site that talks about how to approach your insurance company about the treatment.

    I don't see a lot of anecdotes online about the therapy, so hard to say whether it would help. Too bad there isn't a money-back guarantee or something, although I guess there never is in the medical industry.

  • That's the dilemma. If it doesn't work, I still have my pain plus $5400 of debt.

  • I would get a 3T MRI of the pelvis to see if there is anything unusual that pops up. I don't know exactly what the Wurn technique entails, but it's marketed as a manual therapy that removes adhesions, and there's already therapy like that performed by physical therapists that is covered by insurance. My women's PT does "skin rolling" and other types of connective tissue mobilization in order to remove adhesions and get the fascia gliding smoothly over the muscle.

  • Thank you! I'll add the 3T MRI to my list of questions for an appointment tomorrow.

  • Cardinal is right. My surgeon didn't put much stock in the Wurn technique and I am seeing a PT who specializes in pelvic floor therapy. She has done skin rolling and dry needling as well as intravaginal manipulations to help my involuntary muscles relax. I have certainly improved. I was stage 4 endo before all the surgery and now I am stage 2 but still in pain. I truly believe it will be a chronic ordeal that I will have to learn how to manage. There simply was too much damage to nerves, fibers and surrounding organs.

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