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I have all symptoms for Endometriosis, yet MRI has come back clear could it be anything else?


I have PCOS and I am currently presenting all symptoms for endo. I have had to reduce my hours at work due to the pain. I had a MRI 18 days ago and results have come back saying "no convincing signs of endometriosis" I feel like I am going out of my mind! I was wondering if it could be anything else that has similar symptoms?

Any advice would be much appreciated.

Thankyou :)

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PPSN_JudyBPelvic Pain Support Netwo

A diary of your pain may be helpful and have you got a copy of the MRI report ?



Endometriosis only shows up on MRI scans if you have large nodules or ovarian cysts called endometriomas.

The only way to diagnose endometriosis is by a procedure called laparoscopy.

I have had Endo and PCOS since 1991.

Please insist on a laparoscopy.

Best wishes


Ask for a copy of the report. It will have more info on it. Generally, you are only given the info in the summary box.

Then you have some info to ask questions.

Hi thank you all for your advice I am going to ask for a copy of report and start a diary! thank you once again I feel like they think it is in my head, but honestly I have had to drop hours at work and this is the last thing i really need financially wise although i manage my pain better on part time hours. would my gp have a copy of the report?

Em x

Like other replies, I can echo that any Ultrasound scan or pelvic MRI is never conclusive for endometriosis. The lady doing my ultrasound of womb area, stated that the surface looked uneven which could suggest endo. When the results came back, it said nothing found so again the comment that said get the full report, may be helpful to you.

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