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I made the decision at the weekend to find myself a forum where I can talk about my pain and get insight from others. 7/

I have had pelvic pains for over 7 years now, I am adamant the pains are linked to my womb/ fallopian tubes or ovaries however every test that has been carried out has come back clear or negative. My consultant informed me last week that as there is nothing 'medically' wrong with me they cannot offer me a hysterectomy or further treatment.

I have now been referred to a pain specialist who wants to prescribe me daily morphine tablets. I am hesitant to go or even take the tablets as I need to make sure I can care for my daughter and work on a daily basis.

At the moment, I am able to function and I would say my pain is 7/10 however 2 weeks of every month I can hardly walk, climb the stairs or carry my daughter. As you will imagine this can be frustrating and depressing.

Thank for reading/listening

Stacey x

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Have you been to a vascular vein specialist?

If its in the pelvis and vein related mate they will find it hey.

Otherwise this sounds cyclic could it be endo.

That might not show up in a scan either.

Pain is there for a reason mate,morphine or drugs is not the answer.you must find it but you might have to think a laproscopy.

You will need support for that and help with your daughter for a bit for that.

Kind regards


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I would try to get a second opinion from another consultant/GP at a different hospital/at your practice (which is what I had to do regarding my gastritis issues) especially before considering to take such a powerful and addictive pain killer.

Your symptoms sound very similar to endometriosis and as rose has mentioned the only way to diagnose this is by laparoscopy. I had mine done last September where endo stage 1 was discovered, I think where I kept going back to my practice and speaking with several different doctors (being a nuissance, im sure) is the reason I was sent to a gynaecologist so quickly and my diagnoses was made at such an early stage.

At the end of the day you know and feel something isn't right and if one consultant isn't prepared to help you any further deffinately look at getting a second opinion because nobody should have to suffer with the pain you get.

I wish you luck :)

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See a pelvic floor physical therapist. It could be your nervous system, if the nerves are misfiring it can feel that the organs are not healthy. Google Dr lee dellon and read his free chapters online. I had the same issue, I had a hysterectomy because my dr found "some" endometriosisbut all it did was mess up my system, bladder, bowel, energy, hair. I wish I never did it. A naturopath dr might be able to help or osteopath to make sure you're in alignment. A hysterectomy is very final.

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