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Spine probs ?? Rectal pain?

Some weeks back I posted saying I had read a article on the spine , it was a article on how 70% of people who have pelvic pain / rectum pain is caused by lower spine problems , I said I wAs going for a low back and sacrum MRI and someone from America on here asked me what the link was to read this article , I tried for a few days to find it again for that person but I couldn't find it , however if that person is reading this and it rings a bell there may be a article you would like to read if you type in spine - health and then in the search box genital and rectal pain with disc herniation ( you may be interested in reading that ( this is specifically for the American person who was interested in what I put, sorry I wanted to private message you but could not find the piece of paper I had written you username on!)  I will periodically still search for that other article!

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I'm glad you had to post it publicly! I wouldn't have saw it otherwise. I have ever low back issues that have been slowly increasing (as has my lower body). Thanks ever so much!!


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