Official diagnosis today after pain clinic.

Hi everyone, just returned home from pain clinic. Saw a really understanding pain consultant in Manchester and his Physio who examined me and took long medical history and told me that I do have puedendal nerve damage. I've been quite emotional on way home as I sort of knew what it was but didn't want it to be so. I was nervous about the appointment as you know but he was a true gentleman and truthfully the only real person interested in my troubles. He advised a certain pelvic cushion to purchase, I have two but they aren't the right ones . I am scheduled to have two blocks done 4 months apart to determine 100% and to eliminate some of the pain. As you all know these are hit and miss as to wether they work but I am going to give it a try. If I don't then I will never know. The saddest part of it is they are loosing funding for this pelvic pain clinic at the hospital due to cuts and as he said there will be one less place for us sufferers to find help in an already limited field of health care professionals who know how to treat this condition. He has true empathy and will try to help you best he can. Thank you all for your kind replies and your support x

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  • Hi Baileydog. It's good to hear that there are empathetic experts out there. I hope the blocks help you. I would be interested to know the name/make of the cushion he recommended. Thank you and best wishes.

  • Cushion your assets website and it is the twin cheeks cushion. It is a little expensive and is frim ameruca

  • Thank you!

  • I've read several negative reviews on the twin cushion. A better is Theraseat

  • Best of luck! I hope it works for you and it's great that you've found someone who wants to help and has made a diagnosis. Sometimes that can help you to start moving forward.

  • Thank you, it is certainly a start .

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