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Arghhhh so sore

Hi all well since my last post ive seen the chronic pain team. Im now waiting on them to have there weekly meeting and to get back to me.

I found out I have a small ovarian cyst which is stuck to addhisons and also next to it a abdominal cyst 6,5cm on the abdominal wall. Any one else have info on this. Feel like my gp is bothered but im suffering badly.

Im struggling emptying my bladder and bowles completly. Im never of the loo and sore.

So glad I see the memtal health team tomorrow as im so low.

With the pain I have and also issues with my achilies tendon surgey and knees im really at breaking point.

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I hope everything turns out well. I'm assuming they are planning surgery to remove the cysts? I know all too well about bathroom problems. It adds to the cycle of pain when you can't or can barely empty your bladder and bowels.


Manwithpelvicpain thanks for the reply. No no surgery has been offered also been push and pulled from pillar to post.... so gald im now under cchronic pain team and community health team. 

The bathroom issues are a nightmare  dosent help that I need my bathroom adapted.  Been told I need a wetroom amd toilet higher 


Hi Shellydew, you have a lot of issues causing pain no wonder you are feeling low. At least you have the professional support you need and have been diagnosed so the doctors will becoming up with a decision about your further management. I hope you will be feeling better soon.

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