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Hurting bad

have had this pain for 4 years just had a bad flare up. Had a bladder infection and then they said, i also have pelvic inflammatory diease. They ar ewooriedit hasnt been treated for a long time. They put me on tons of antibiotics. I am a manager of a bar so im on my feet a lot this is horrible pain and my hip is killing me now. whe will this end they are sending me to a specialist.

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So sorry to hear you in such pain and on your feet all day is so stressful. They will have put you on antibiotics for PID. Thats all docs have got. Can your doc give you decent pain killers until you see specialist?


Hi, sorry to hear of your suffering. Have you googled Pelvic Inflammatory Disease / Treatment of Pelvic Inflammatory Disease. This will give you some knowledge and guidance when you go to see the specialist. At least you are taking anti-biotics so hope they will start to take effect soon. The article I read states that your partner should also take anti-biotics so I would ask your doctor if he needs to start taking them too. All the best - at least now you are going to be seen by the right specialist.


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