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QE pain clinic

Hi all, I've just been to the QE & saw a very nice Dr Rea who explained a lot. 

For years I have done body combat & boby pump exercises thinking it was good for me. Then I also did kegel exercises because I have a cystocele. I don't have incontinance problems which is what people normally get with a bladder prolapse, so in hindsight I didn't need to do the kegals. I needed the opposite. Relax & lengthen the core muscles not tighten them up even more.

He explained the pudendal, cluneal  & sciatic nerve all travel in front of or through in some people the piriformas & obturator muscles. If these muscles are too tense this then puts pressure on all or some of these nerves.

When my pain started I panicked. Every day I would get a heart sinking feeling when I felt the burning & aching. I know now that was the worst thing for me to do as when you panick & get upset, you tense. So it's been a vicious cycle for years.

He also said it then becomes a psychological problem too because if you know something is going to hurt (sitting/sex) then you tense up which just makes the problem worse.

He's advised I continue with yoga & stretches but not Pilates or any kind of up training.

He's also sending me to a physiotherapist with the NHS.Its a ongoing problem that I have to heal myself.unfortunately there's no magic pill which would be so much easier!

He gave me some helpful websites to look at & also recommended the book - A headache in the pelvis.

Websites are- britishpainsociety.org/patient home.htm




pelvicpain.org.uk. Which we all know

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What a lovely, positive, informative post. So pleased it went well for you. Relaxing is easier said than done I know but I'm sure with practice you will learn to do it. 

Dr Rea sounds as though he knows his stuff & if you can get some help on the NHS that's wonderful.

Keep positive & let us know how you get on. 

M 😎 Xx

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Hi Lin93,

I haven't been in touch for a while since nothing much has changed on my side. Glad to hear you had some positive feedback from Dr Rea, although ultimately it seems that he or she can't do anything about it?  Did he or she give you any specific exercises that would help? Everytime i do some very gentle stretches it hurts more afterwards although if i don't do these stretches the muscles get tighter and tighter. Just wondered whether you got any more info on particular stretches or are they mentioned in the websites you listed?

I, too, did martial arts for several years which i had to stop when i started studying and never took it up again. I relied on my general fitness for the past few (20!) years althoug in hindsiht those pesky muscles always made themselves felt whenever i tried to relax my lower half. Never thought much about it as when i tenses them up again the feeling would go. The opposite is true now, any tension, exercise, bending or clenching now goes into hyper-pain. I am having another MRI scan done on Monday, which I don't think will show much since the last one over 2 years ago, and finally an appt with the spinal and orthopaedics unit on Wednesday. Keeping fingers crossed that someone can find out what't going on. I'll keep you updated.

Best wishes



Hi, yes the stretches are those in Amy steins book. Have you got it? I find they do help. Just start off gently & don't over stretch. Also deep belly breathing. Since I've been doing this daily my pain has decreased, especially the pudendal pain.

I'm hoping with these & the help of physio I might one day be pain free. Feeling hopeful!

Hope your scans go ok & you get some answers.

Best wishes x 


Hi, thanks for your reply. I will bave another look at Amy Steins book, haven't dared to do anything as stretches make things worse. But, I will give it a go after Wednesday's consultation and their feedback. Good luck!


Great post, I get pains in my legs especially the back of my legs. I was thinking of doing Pilates but will try yoga now instead , many thanks 


He said pain in backs of legs & inner thigh is from the cluneal nerve. Try gentle piriformis stretches. If you google it you'll find a few. 

Best wishes xx 


Glad your appointment went well. Dr Rea is right, of course. My physio also advised me to do gentle yoga rather than Pilates. I have made the mistake of inadvertently over stretching as the stretches felt so good. I ended up triggering sciatica. Please remember that we have to be very patient and it might take some time before you see any improvement. I learned to do just that but after a month of improvement I started doing more strengthening exercises and caused a bit of a lapse. Ah well, we live and learn. I'm glad you have been referred to a physio, I think that is important. 

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Glad you said that about over stretching. It's so hard to know  how far to go & how often. I've been following the stretches in Amy Steins book & doing more stretches that we do in Pilates but the pain seems to move. Pain started in vulva & inside bum then went into bum cheeks then into legs. I also get tingling in my legs on occasion & a feeling that something is tight constructing around my ankle. He told me that's the sciatic nerve. Pain changes & comes & goes but never a pain free day.

Take care x 


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