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PN and Exercise

I may be going over something people already know about, but I wanted to talk about some simple exercises which I find helpful. I was diagnosed with PN several years ago and after a number of discussions with a urologist I was referred to a pain management specialist. He arranged an epidural injection which had no effect and prescribed Pregabalin. This only helped very slightly and so I’ve been managing my own condition as best I can with these exercises. I start by dropping into a squatting position with knees wide apart and back straight. I steady myself by resting my fingertips on a banister upright post at the top of the stairs. I hold this position for a slow count of ten and then stretch up onto my toes, again steadying myself with my hands for a slow count of ten. I then repeat the squat and stretch position. When the PN is troubling me I do this exercise as often as necessary but at least three times a day. When things are under control I exercise at least once a day. I would be interested in hearing whether anyone else has found these or any other exercises helpful.

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Very interesting, i'll try this :)


I do something similar. I lay on the floor and bring feet up together with soles of feet together. I find this stops spasms in their tracks. I will try yours. Thanks.

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