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Endometriosis : Pain V Fertility

Have had lots of feedback on this so I thought it was worth adding here in case you haven't seen it. It's from Australia but it still applicable in the Uk and elsewhere I think. Has nothing changed in the last 40 years !

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That is disturbing and very upsetting to see the lack of empathy and ignorance within the medical community. How many good and productive people's lives have to be destroyed by the ignorance and uncaring attitudes of the medical world. This goes beyond pathetic and borders on inhumane. In a lot of ways, we treat our pets as a society more humanely than we treat our fellow person. I love my pets and would do anything in the world for them. However, I also love my fellow person and want to see my hard earned money and taxes go toward proper research and treatment of another human being. When you suffer from chronic pain, you become desperate for a cure and relief. We are at the mercy and left to trust the medical community's knowledge on taking care of us. This also includes the lack of government funding for our conditions too. The government spent how many billions of dollars on tanks that sit in a field rotting? That money could have been given to brilliant scientific minds in order to find a cure or more effective treatment for all kinds of illnesses. I am tired of seeing myself and others with our chronic pain suffering because of ignorance in the medical community and the misappropriation of government dollars. 

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