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Travelling abroad for scan

Hi, just wondered if anyone from the UK has travelled abroad to have pelvic/pudendal scans?

I'm especially interested to hear if anyone's visited Hollis Potter in the US.

How did you arrange a referral for your scan? Was it from a UK doctor or did you first have to see a doctor in the country you visited to get a referral, then see them after the scan for the results?

I feel as though I'm close to exhausting my options in the UK.

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I have had MRI and ultrasound scans in France. A referral from a GP in the UK isn't required.


Sorry, can't help you there, but I am interested in this topic too. An MRI here in Sweden showed nothing, but since the doctors I have seen have not been familiar with the pudendal nerve or my symtoms I'm not sure they know what to look for. What type of scan are you thinking of?

I hope you find your way to scan and recovery. Pleae share if you have more information on what type of scans to get.


I read somewhere that Dr Hollis can share her methods with local Drs it does not involve any hardware that isnt locally available. You should call her office.


Okay, thanks for the replies. Still unsure how to proceed really, it all seems too complicated. Plus, making decisions while these symptoms are going on is tough. Long gone are my preconceptions that I might actually be taken care of by my local doctor when feeling ill, without having to do all the groundwork, research and appointment-making myself... Feels like a massive fraud in many ways.

I think I'm going to ring Dr Potter's office and ask what the normal route to having a scan is.

I also have a TENS machine, which has helped a lot compared to other things I've tried, but still I have the general symptoms on a constant basis. Doing stretches etc. and walking helps a little too.

Generally, though, still feel pretty terrified by all this - especially as it's been constant for nearly 6 years. And the symptoms I have seem way to serious for me to even consider accepting the ridiculous explanations that my GP etc. have offered me so far.



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