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Chronic pelvic pain and bladder problems

Hi there. I have suffered from chronic pain caused by adhesions and scaring due to endometriosis (which took over 10 years to get a diagnosis) and quite a bit of gyne surgery. I also suffer from a very weak bladder which causes me to leak and wee myself all of the time. (I do not suffer pain when urinating). I have had tests for infections, a scan on my bladder and a physical exam all of which came back normal. Could this problem be caused by scaring and adhesions on my bladder and does anyone else have this complication with pelvic pain? It's bad enough suffering with chronic pelvic pain without having to use incontinence knickers every day!

Thank you

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I'm not sure if it would help but I have starting using the book - Heal Pelvic Pain by Amy Stein and it is very good. I suffer with pudendal neuralgia so it is different but it treats many pelvic pain conditions. It is a fantastic book with a great exercise stretching program to help heal the pelvic floor

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Hi Shell

You have my sympathy. I too have endo stage 3 and two major surgeries for it.

I'm in constant chronic pain with this and fibromyalgia and facet joint probłems.

I too have a very weak bladder and wear tena pads on occasion. I have always had weak bladder muscles since I have floppy muscles due to dyspraxia and a stroke at birth but it has got worse since my endometrosis took hold.


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