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Interesting article

I have just been reading a really interesting article how feet imbalances can irritate the pudendal nerves , cause pelvic pain etc..

I thought I would post it on here just so if you felt like it you too could have a browse over it, to start with I thought how ridiculous but continued to read and thought it really made so much sense , my body is well out of alignment as I have fibromyalgia and always put more pressure on my right side

Just type in

It will come up male pelvic pain ( pelvic disorder)

If you are a lady like myself don' t be put off that it says male pelvic pain just read the whole article it will make sense whatever sex you are!!

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Thank you very much for posting this. I really think this is the main cause of my pelvic pain. Now I have to study the article and learn to do the correct exercises the right way. If it works, I will post more.


Thank you for this. It's really helpful. When my pelvis is out my calfs and feet are so tight and sore. I'm following the Amy Stein programme very successfully at the moment, so I will add these exercises to my sessions. I'll let you know how I get on.


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