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I have had severe back pain for several years and was prescribed both tramadol 50mg, gabapenntin 600mg taking 6 per day of both. I felt that none of them really worked for me, the tramadol made me feel very sick and the gabapentin gave me really bad heartburn and did not seem to help with my back pain at all.I have recently been put on pregablin 2x300mg per day and i notice the difference with them, i feel they relieve my pain a lot better than my previous medication which i came off although I must say they can make me feel slightly drowsy, and my short term memory is slightly poor also,my appetite has also increased,these medications shall work different on other people but they help me a great deal more than my previous prescription of tramadol and gabepentin,i also feel a lot better within myself and am able to get on a lot better.

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Thanks for posting about this. I also didnt have any help with my pain when taking gabapentin. I might try pregablin.


Thanks. I have also just given up gabapentin and realise I have just as much pain being on them as I do off them. I am about to start pregabalin, so this is encouraging news!

I'm glad you are feeling the benefits!



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