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Pelvic pain

This might sound completely stupid but I guess that's what I get for not taking precautions before using emergency contraceptives. Anyhow I used I pill 5 times in one month!Now I'm bleeding endlessly. At first I thought it was spot bleeding but it never stopped ever since the 09th of this month of August, now it's 22.I've developed abdominal pain which is excrutiating.And just yesterday I went to pee and it felt so painful right inside my pelvis.Now it hurts to walk and I'm scared about what might be wrong.Did I kill my ovaries or something? Please help.I'm just 19

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Hi there - no precautions.... There's a possibility you may have caught an std like chlamydia or gonorrhoea which is causing you pain, or maybe a bladder infection. I definitely recommend you see your GP as soon as possible to get it checked. Hope you do and feel better soon - if it's something like that it can be quickly treated with the right antibiotics but a Dr will have to prescribe those for you.

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Thank you but isn't an STD supposed to affect my privates themselves?And what harm might the Ipill dosage have done?


you may get what I got from them, PCOS, although I took 3 boxes in a year and half and not 5 in a month. I'm surprised you're still alive.

Please be more responsible towards your body, whichever guy you are with is surely not worth health complications, he;s not your husband and will probably forget you name in a few years. Just take some yasmin in the long term. it's free in the UK.

go to a GUM clinic asap, they are good there and faster than a GP.


STDs can affect inside you - your cervix/uterus/pelvis.

The pain you are experiencing warrants a visit to your local GUM clinic ASAP. Please go. Don't be embarrassed - they've heard and seen it all before. Take a friend if you don't want to go alone.

Regarding long term - perhaps a coil or the injection would suit you as you won't have to remember to take it. Also safe sex isn't just about preventing pregnancy, think about protecting your body from STDs - condoms as well unless with a long term partner in a monogamous relationship.


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