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Pain on my right pelvic side off and on

I k eep having on anf vpdular period for 5 month now. The last Time I had sex 6 months ago. 2-3 after I got checked everything all STD at parent parenthood and was normal. 5-6 months after all test results are normal . i feel fine no discharge, bumps and urinating just fine. The pain is not painful but I can feel the moderate pain. I have been tested for gonorrhea and chlamydia . I seen my family doctor and my OBGYN. I have had a sonogram , on my pelvic and abdomen And everything is negative ! This is really concerning me because I've never been pregnant and I don't want anything to happen because of prolonging. Does anybody have these issues before or know what it could be? I was told by a Friend it could be herpes. How when I haven't had a breakout or discharge or urination. And I asked my ex says he's fine he hasn't had any issues either

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It could be endometriosis. The typical symptoms are pain around the time of your period. However, I get pain throughout the month. You should discuss this with your doctor. You can have a small operation called a laparoscopy to diagnose and treat it - it doesn't show up on ultrasounds.


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