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Pain in my lower back

Hi I have just found out that I have not cartilage at the bottom of my spine well the last three cartilage and it is so painful when I walk ,sit ,stand I am taking tramadol and paracetamol for the pain but I am finding it still difficult to walk and when I go to bed I have trouble getting to sleep due to the pain I have all the time what can I do please help or give me advise on what to do

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First of all get of the tramadol they are really, really bad and do have very nasty side effects. Go back and see your gp and ask for something else. Also request that they refer you to a pain clinic. You could ask your doc about Bu trans morphine pain patch.

I know what chronic pain is so go see your doc.

Take care




Where are you situated? I know a good spine specialist in Sydney. Get a GP referral to a spine surgeon/specialist. You will probably need to get a CT scan and/ or MRI


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