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In need of answers!!

In need of answers!!

Can someone please give me some advise? Ok, so here is the scoop. I have NEVER EVER had stomache troubles or pain in my whole life. Well, that is until it all started back in august of 2012. I got pregnant and didnt know it. I had never been pregnant before and i had no symptoms. I was even bleeding as if on my period. I am type 1 diabetic, so yes i was puking, but i puked all the time because my blood sugars were through the room in the 500's sometimes. Anyhow, It got bad one morning. So bad, i went to change my pad in the bathroom and i miscarried in the bathroom. Anyhow lon story short, i went to the hospital and had a ultrasound and they said i was at leasr 6 to 8 weeks along and that i had in fact miscarried. They didnt give me a DNC or flush me or anything. They kept me for a week until my sugars were stable and sent me on my way. 1 week later i woke up with pain in my lower and upper pelvic region, and the pain NEVER WENT AWAY! and now its almost 3 years later, and ive been to doctors, been treated for what they thought was irritable bowel syndrome. Those meds didnt have an effect. I have had a colonoscopy, a cat scan, a xray, u name it i have had it done because i am at my wits end with all this crap. I am in pain all the time never ends. I am very sensitive to the touch completely around my whole torso area. It effects every aspect of my life. I cant walk without pain, i cant run, i am so swollen feeling. I cant lift things or have a job even. Can anyone help?? My new doctor i just got today thinks it could be pelvic inflammatory disease and i think shes right. what do u guys think?? She gave me Azithromycin and another pill to treat it and im crossing fingers it will work and save my life from this horrific 3 year experience!!!! any answers??

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Perhaps you could have an MRI next to look for anything that was missed by your other scans?


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