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Sharp Cervix Pain At 18 weeks and 4 days

This is my third pregnancy, and its been the only complicated one I keep having pain in my cervix and pressure as if the baby is pushing her head down on my cervix I can't even lean or bend it feels like I need to pass stools but every time I try nothing happens and then I've been having numerous trips to the er and labor and delivery room but they keep saying nothing is wrong.

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Hello. I unfortunately have not had any children. But soud's as though you have what I call 'fall out ' sensation and feeling constipated. You 'may' have Nerve damage. I am not a doctor. I am a sufferer of vaginal pain. Get yourself to a neurologist and a different gynaecological who knows about post pregnancy pain/damaged nerves . That is all I can say. Read why I am on this forum...because of an op via my vagina.

Maybe one of the board on this forum will advise more thoroughly.

Good luck.

Get second opinion ASAP.


30 years ago since I was pregnant. But if they are saying everything is ok at this stage, it sounds as tho it is. But perhaps you are carrying this baby lower down and part of Baby is pressing on nerves near rectum. When is your next ultra scan due? 32 weeks? Im out of touch but think it could be. This scan will give you the reassurance you need. Hope you are taking care and not overdoing things. im sure there will be more replies on here to help


Hi again

Been thinking about your question throughout the day and remembered I had a Midwifes dictionary that I Had bought 2nd hand many years after my daughter was born, but was interesting reading after the event.

So I'm looking at this book and Antenatal care in 1969. Common symptoms list,

One of which is Vulva pain . Yes I know yours is Cervix , but this is closest I can find at moment, so if painful, it recommends bed rest.

are you going for antenatal care? Could you ask someone there?

I wish I could be of more help.but my experience is somewhat limited. What was happening to me later in pregnancy was having to sit down very gently as I could feel baby's head well down, which moved upward as I sat down. The consultant made nothing of it.

I just wonder with the fact you have had 2 pregnancies already,then maybe your womb is more relaxed /stretched and so baby is lower down.

All I can suggest is, you try looking on the internet with the words on the lines of cervix, pain, baby etc.


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