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Groin pain after forced ejaculation

Groin pain aster for ed ejaculation: burning in the left groin area until the left basis of the penis. No scrotum pain. Can anybody help? I am suffering about this since 20 years. No solution and no firm diagnosis given. The pain stays until a satisfactory ejaculation occurs. I have done any possible lab test, MRI, x-Ray ecc. Nothing abnormal noticed with the exception of a very minimum groin hernia and a small varicocele. I am desperate... Please help! Thanks in advance for your kind concern.

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Google Dr Lee Dellon its your genitofemerol nerve most likely, you can email him through his website and ask questions. I know him, tell him Renae sent you. Or his partner Eric Williams is very good. Have you had your psoas muscle released? The nerve runs through this


First of all I would like to thank you very much for taking your time to answer to me. I am really desperate because this problem is badly effecting the quality of my life. In fact I feel a bit better when I sit with a tennis ball under the very left and top side of my left buttock and I slowly massage it. What do you recommend to have my psoas muscle released? Any medicine. Please help, you have given me some hope! Thanks a lot!!!


Google Katy Bowman Restorative Exercises and find

The psaos release video. Google David McCoid freedom from pelvic pain he can help you as well and is in the UK


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