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Pelvic Pain started a few weeks back

Hi all, glad I found this forum, I have 2 kids one of 22 months and one of 8 months, recently I have started to get that really bad pelvic bone pain you get when your pregnant (im not pregnant, ive checked), but today its worse, is this normal after birth although 8 months on as i havent had this before? or is it something now to do with my overweight or lack of exercise? Any suggestions welcome. I find that when I have walked a bit its worse, more like a shooting pain in my pelvic bone.

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I'm so sorry. I can not help as sadly I have never had children. It does not sound like any of my pain related problems. Someone will answer or Judy_B from this board will answer if you send her a message or one of the other members will if you Post asking for their advice. Masses of luck.


I sadly haven't had children either, but I was wondering if your problem could be pelvic girdle pain? it can occur in untreated PGP/SPD after birth or in non-pregnancy situations. Physio is supposed to help, as is following the guidelines they give. I think being overweight doesn't help so perhaps working on reducing your weight might be to your advantage (easier said than done, I know).


Thank you, well I have started slimming world as I also have hiatus hernia/barrets oesophagus so I need to lose weight for that too!!! Its only comes and goes but last about 4/5 days when i have it. So will go back to GP as last time he gave me tablets but side effects were possible sedation but not good when i have 2 kids!!


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