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Please help. I don't know what to do.


Hi, I'm sorry I just have no idea what to do to carry on. The pain is so extreme all the time, and is completely unbearable most days. I have had a laparoscopy and have been admitted as an emergency into hospital 3 times, with them finding nothing other than adhesions. I have been bleeding constantly for 3 Years, and have various digestive symptoms such as diahorrea every day.

This has lead them to say that I should just get on with life, despite the fact I have to take morphine everyday.

I feel like a fussing hypochondriac, who can't just deal with a bit of pain. I worry that my parents think I am making a big fuss for nothing and should just get on with it. But I am in so much pain with no reason or light at the end of the tunnel that I just do not know what to do.

Any suggestions or support would be amazing. Thank you.

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So sorry your having such a very bad time. Have the medics suggested a D and C for the bleeding ,which must be making you anaemic . The pain you are having sounds like there is some pudendal nerve problems . Try to get another opinion.

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Has anyone suggested seeing a pain specialist ? What part of the country are you ?

Keep on at the doctor for some possible answers but keep looking out for yourself too. Your message rang a large bell for me as I remember writing to this site at three in the morning because I was at the end of my tether with pain and just didn't know where to turn. I wasn't suicidal but I was just desperate to get help with it all and I felt the medical profession were just passing me on in a circle! I started at a pain clinic and ended up in a pain clinic four years later and felt no one was really listening. To sit crying with pain and have no possible answers is very scarey

I now realise I probably wasn't describing it as clearly as I should. Through this site I was able to find lots of information, advice and web sites that I previously had not found and I was able to share my pain issues. Just to know I wasn't on my own with this sort of pain helped as I thought I was going mad with it all! In fact the last consultant i spoke to in a pain clinic asked me if I was maybe talking myself into having pain!!!!

That was actually the last straw for me. i was absolutely distraught when I typed in 'at the end of my tether with pain' and at the time I had no idea of the help that was out there! Thank goodness for the internet!

Thankfully i found this site and by learning and listening and researching I was able to talk to my doctor calmly and discuss my issues, much better informed. As a result I got better medication to try and target specific pain issues while I waited to see consultants who actually understood pelvic pain.

Yes I am still in pain and am still waiting to see relevant consultants but I have much more hope in my heart that I will one day get this pelvic pain sorted so that I can enjoy my life much more fully. Don't give up - there are experts out there and it takes time and persistence to get properly listened to but being in pain can make you push and push for help anyway! Good luck and remember to keep plodding on and know there are others to support you when you feel lost with it all.

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It's good to know that at this early hour of the morning there's someone also experiencing and understanding intense pain although my symptoms of burning throbbing pain have only been with me for the last 6 weeks - my life is unbearable - constant visits to Dr and now awaiting a hospital appointment. Had to cancel a holiday and I don't know how I will cope in my daughters wedding next month - so very depressed but helpful to have found this ate. Any tips on pain relief would be so welcome as would motivation to get off the sofa and live my life again.

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Also when the pain subsides a little with pain killers I get unwanted sexual arousal feelings - anybody else experiencing this ?

Thank you all for your advice.

Mary bee - I am so sorry for all the rubbishness, you are right I am experiencing just the same sort of thing. I'm glad you managed to find some help.

I am in Wales and currently living in hospital so am asking for chronic pain to see me.

Very glad to hear you are having treatment now ,hope they find some answers soon.x

Hi I am sorry to read you post and I feel in just a desperate situation. I hope the chronic pain team help you. There is also more the gynaecologists can do for your bleeding such as medications or surgery. Is your pain definitely not endometriosis? I have felt so alone in my pain and I know those around me can't understand but I think people on here can. I am going to start talking and I suggest you do the same :-)


What you're describing sounds similar to some of my symptoms. It could possibly be something like adenomyosis. It's agonising pain and is not visible through laparoscopy as it's in the muscle wall of your uterus.


This website gives you a bit more information. If you can see a gyne and ask for an MRI it can show up on that so this may be another option for you.

Hope you get the help and support you need.

Take care


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