Pelvic Embolization

Hi All

I have FINALLY found a specialist who is able to perform Pelvic Vein Embolization who is local to myself. Before I get a referral to this specialist from my GP. Could any of you answer the following :

Do you know if it will affect fertility ? - I am only 24

Has anybody gone through this and have any advice ?

It says its performed under local anesthetic but can it be done under General? (I am known to faint and have BP problems under local anesthetic)

Thanks everyone for your Advice :)

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  • Hi I would get a second opinion with the world leader in this.......his name is Professor Whiteley of The Whitely Protocol.....with this sort of thing I would go to the best of the best for his opinion.......yes he's privare the scan is £200.00 and a consultation is £175.00 .......if you can't afford it I would use a credit card.

  • What part of the country are you based in and is this as an NHS procedure ? you should have a contact ( nurse ) to ask these questions beforehand. It is the kind of information you should receive before you give consent.

  • You might find it helpful to join the Facebook Pelvic Congestion Syndrome group. There are women on there who've had the procedure.

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