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Available nerve pain treatments


I was wondering if anyone else could offer advice on what medication is available for nerve pain. Has anybody tried different meds and found that some work better than others? Also, are nerve block injections effective at reducing pain in this area? The pain is so bad I can't drive at the moment which means I am stuck in the house all day. I am hoping that if I can find something that works maybe I'll be able to get some of my old life back. Thanks in advance.


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Hi Jess, what sort of nerve pain are you getting and how long have you been in pain?

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Gabapentin, nortripelyne, have worked best for me. Stay away from cymbalta e withdrawals are horrendous. Topical ketamine or topical gabapentin. Nerve blocks have helped me a lot, no steroid though for me.


I guess it depend in where nerve psin is? But for vaginal nerve psin I get perineal nerve blocks, lyrica, percocet, topicsl ketamine, gabapentin, snd

I've tried oral gabapentin, norteiptyine, amatriplyine, and many others that didn't work. I do think everyone is different so try thkngs and see what works for you. I've had several round of botox to the pelvic floor which helps w sitting. I can't sit for more than 5-10 min and driving is very painful so don't do much. I think I need more botox. But it's trial and error. Hang in there! 😊

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what makes you think its nerve damage you have or are you 'grasping at straws like me.

I have been tested for everything all ok results.

so I am now taking tryptosol 10mgs once or twice a day depending on the amount of pelvic pain.

my bowel movement was very runny for 3 years.

I guess I got anaemic from that as I'm too old for bleeding.

I started taking B complx supplements. hidroxil. morning best so not to disrupt sleep.

I feel so much better.


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