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S2/S3 root nerve block

Hi everyone, I am having 2 sacral nerve blocks (S2/S3) to try and identify the source of my buttock pain. The Dr thinks I may have Posterior Femoral Cutaneous and Middle Cluneal nerve pain. Since I got home, I have been researching these nerves and see that they can come out of S1 and S4 as well. So my question is, which nerves can you be certain to have blocked if S2 and S3 are blocked. I know there must be reasons for only blocking 2 nerves, but wondered if anyone could shed some light on it for me. Also, for the purposes of diagnosis alone, I have been thinking of just taking the anaesthetic and refusing the steroid. Has anyone done this and is it wise? Many thanks for any help anyone can provide.

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I've done several series of steroid epidurals at varying stages of herniation's & disc deterioration; for me they only helped when inflammation was the source of the pain. It never changed my nerve pain/sensations. Actually it was worse for at least 24 hrs because the injection initially adds to the inflammation. After it's absorbed it had a minimal effect. The Dr's still pushed me to get them, I eventually refused; the amount of relief it gave was so minimal that all the possible side effects & added pain/discomfort was no longer worth going through.


Hi Trihealth, thanks for your response. Yes, I've had steroid and Botox before and they were the worst decision I ever made. I had my right SI joint, caudal and piriformis injected, none of which were my problem and all of which sent my pain levels of the scale for months. I am however hopeful that in the right place these injections might help. In the first instance I think I am keen to separate out the anaesthetic and steriod injections so I can get a clear diagnosis that is not clouded by the potential of a steriod flare. Then I can get the steriod injections at a later date in the safe knowledge that they are in the right place. Anyone else tried this 2 injection approach?


How did you go with the s2 and s3 blocks?


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