Has anyone else had severe pain in hips that feels like someone is pushing your hips apart? I've had this constant now for 6 weeks a swell as swelling pelvic area, constant diarrhea/constipation, ultrasound showed think kens lining of uterus and fluid but gynaecologist thinks more bowl related???? Sending me for hysteroscopy and bowl investigations.

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  • Hi, I've had something similar. I've had bad lower back/pelvic pain on and off for 8months now since I gave birth. My periods have been irregular and the pain tends to flare up more when I'm bleeding so the doctors think its gynaecology related but I dont know. During this time I've also had a bit of diarrhea and then every now and then constipation. I have previously been told I have mild ibs so I wonder if the bowel symptoms are because I'm stressed with the pain. My pain feels like a hot sort of burning pain which feels like a kind of pressure and tends to get worse later in the day. My doctors are currently doing but I'm the same in that they don't seem to know if its gynaecology related, bowel related (I dont think it is) or actually just my back. I'm going back to the doctors next Friday and hopefully they'll make a bit of progress! Xx

  • Look up adenomyosis on endopaedia or adenomyosis advice web (not on the usual medical webs as they're not accurate). All if these symptoms can be cause by this condition but regular gynaes have little knowledge of it. You need and expert!

  • See a pelvic floor physical therapist.

  • Hi, thanks for your help. I'll definitely discuss this with the doctor at my next appointment Friday. X

  • Damage to your tailbone can cause one of your hips to be higher than the other to take the pressure off certain nerves.

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