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Long term chronic pelvic and lower back pain

I have suffered constant chronic pelvic and lower back pain since I was 35yrs old 24/7.At first the pelvic pain was like period pain. The symptoms are lower back going all the way round like a belt to the front above the public bone. The pelvic pain is worse I think than the back .., and can be described as constantly having a raging toothache. Really sore and angry.Standing is the worse thing ,although waking and sitting are pretty awful. I have been on numerous pain courses including St.Thomas's Input 25yrs ago. No medication has helped and if's had numerous injections into the spine.I have had MRI, scans and various other investigations including 3 laparoscopys in the beginning which was 31 yrs ago. I wear a tens which is only another sensation, but does not do a lot of good. I use a very hot water bottle on my tummy and a heat pad on my back which is the only bit of relief I get . I do spend my days pacing myself as much as possible.When I have a very bad flare up I get a lot of dragging in the vagina area and don't know what to do with myself there. I have had so much alternative treatment to try and find out what it is..By the way I do have a slight rectal prolapse but only slight. Anyway according to the doctors I have undiagnosed chronic pain and shouldn't feel like I do.It is very exhausting living l

every minute of the day in dreadful pain as I know a lot of you are aware of. Anyway as I said to begin with does anyone relate to the same symptoms as I have said about. Thank you for listening to my tales of woe.

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You mention that you did a pain management course 25 years ago. I wondered on reading this whether you have ever requested the records of those laparoscopies although they were long time ago ? This sounds like neuropathic pain to me. What medications have you tried and have you seen a pain specialist more recently ?

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Than you Judyfor your reply. Sorry I have not been in touch earlier . I have never requested seeing results of laparoscopic as when they were done I didn't know you could do that sort of thing.It was over 30 yrs ago when I had these. I do know with the first it was mentioned pelvic congestion, at the time then I was told that hadn't been the case. I was 35 yrs old at that time with two young children feeling really awful and not a lot of fight in me.The second one I found I had endometriosis. Was given various treatments which didn't make any difference to my pain. The third one I was told there was no endometriosis there so that was it as far as the pharmacological part was concerned. I do remember when I was having my periods on the second day when it was heavy it did ease the pelvic pain somewhat. I stopped having periods when I was put on HRT at 43yrs old for virginal dryness. I was on that for 8 yrs and never had a period again. I honestly can't remember what medications I had, all I know is it was a lot. I couldn't of had any medications for at least ten years. I must mention over the last 4 yrs I have been taking ventlafaxine,propanalol, piling epilim for chronic migrains which I have had since 7 yrs old. I have not attended a pain clinic for 15 yrs. I was told when I went for my assessment for blue badge , that I should go back to my Dr and ask for a referral to pain clinic to see about morphine patches. I went to my doctor about a month ago with my husband. He was very unhelpful and kept asking what pelvic pain,bearing in mind I have had it for over 30 yrs. Anyway I have managed to get him to reference me to pain clinic which I am waiting to hear from . Nobody has said neuropathic pain .


Have you looked into pudendal neuralgia and congestive pelvic syndrome? I have same problems but waiting for gynae appt to discuss whether I have those. In my case I had unstable sacro iliac joints and now pubic bone degeneration so it could be that causing my pain. It may be worth you having a pelvic scan to rule out any joint issue. What meds do you take?


Hi Sharon thank you for your reply. Sorry I have taken so long to respond. You mention pelvic congestion, but that's out of the question as I am now 66 yrs old. I was 35yrs when all this started and was never really taken seriously I didn't think. Also you mention duodenal neuralgia .I have looked it up and it doesn't reference to what I have got. Sorry my kindle is playing up and it has come up wrong. I did put pudenal neuralgia. I have not been offered any new pain meds for years as nothing helped with the pain at all.


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