Pelvic Pain Support Network


just found out I was exposed to lgv in 1997 have been suffering terrible pain for all those years. If you look it up on public health London they know its about but there isn't a single doctor who knows anything about it. I am currently in contact with mp who is contacting public health on my behalf to get me to someone who can treat this at tertiary stage. That's why all scans are normal, you need a special type to show this up. As for it being sexually transmitted you can see that it is Chlamydia but a different strain. How many people have had this, thousands. They used to strain test years ago as they thought it had gone away, its clear by all the info on google that it isn't. Im in the process of getting an awareness group of LGV( lymphogranuloma venereum) . We need to get this back on the map, ive been told that I have phsco problems. How many of us have been told this just because they cant find the problem. This could be a real breakthrough in health. Any info please contact me


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