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Why it's not possible to kill endometrial cells?

If there was way to kill endometrial cells, it would not be a cure endometriosis?

Of course women would not have the ability to get pregnant without these cells, but it would be advantageous for those who do not wish to become pregnant or already have children.

And just killing them, not cause menopause.

Is really so hard to find something that kills this cells, that have always been part of our bodies (not as malignant ones)?

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I don't think it's a case of killing the cells, but re educating them to do their job properly. There is a lot of work being done with stem cells (simply a basic human cell and when transplanted in a malfunctioning organ, it becomes that organ but working properly). They are looking for all sorts of cures with stem cells and I think some of them will be available soon (5 years or so).

It makes facinating reading and gives a greater understanding of the body. And no matter what your opinion on animal testing, if they discover a cure for something, are you really going to refuse it because animals were involved?


It seems that everyone refers to stem cells as a treatment for any type of disease. I hear about them for years and I still do not understand if they are actually used in the treatment of any disease.

I do not understand how stem cells may be a treatment or cure for endometriosis.

I realize that they can eventually repair organs (damages causes by a disease), but I do not see how they can destroy endometrial cells in the pelvic cavity, which is the main problem of the disease.

For me it makes more sense to talk about dendritic cells, however I think these types of treatments are very gentle methods to attack/cure diseases.


Would it not be possible to have the womb scraped (current treatment for some) then add the stem cells to replace the malfunctioning cells on the lining?


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