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I have always had severe period pain, 2 wks ago gynae put in mirina coil ended up in hospital cos of pain, they took it out still suffering

I have always had severe pain even during my only pregnancy then became infertile unknown why blocked tubes scarred ovaries. Found out had fibroids 10 years ago after they tried putting in a mirina coil it came out, told they aren't that big. Don't bleed heavily. Periods so painful last few years ended up in a&e for pethidine anything they would give me, gynae consultant suggest trying mirina again, when putting it in removed some polyps under GA. So admitted to hospital for 5 days only morphine helped, now home pain not so severe but every day I feel dragging, discomfort, feel somethings there everytime I cough or move. Mild to moderate pain in area of fallopian tubes constantly. no prolapse or fistula. no bleeding or discharge, any ideas?

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Have you thought about drying up your periods with the depo injection. It's progesterone based and you get it every 3 months.

I had heavy bleeding (heamohrraging) with extreme pain. On occasion I would get through 4 or 5 lots of clothing. It really was my last chance before getting a hysterectomy.

The transformation was amazing. I had more energy because I wasn't continually anaemic. The pain disappeared too. The downside is I put on a few pounds, but in balance, that was better than all the suffering.

It takes about 6 months for your body to settle down, but the periods you get are textbook dribbles and a lot less pain. Then after as long as you keep on top of your follow up injections you can be period free for as long as you like.

Even if you did it for a couple of years just to give yourself a break from the pain and heavy bleeding, it might be worth it. I was on it for 5 years with no problems other than a tiny bit of weight gain. I just wish I discovered it sooner.


Have you considered an endometrial ablation?


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