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Hi, As in my previous posts regarding the rectal pain I have suffered for almost 2 years I now am taking 75mg amitriptyline and 150mg pregabalin twice a day which tends to help quite significantly. I am now going for a proctogram. This is a procedure where they fill the rectum with gell and under a M.R.I Scanner asked to empty the bowel. This then shows if there is any damage to the muscles in the pelvis which can occur after surgery or any other related problems that may have occurred .Iam having this procedure at the U.C.L.H. in London where I am under the care of Miss El Neil who has performed a tot removal but as this anal pain continues which is from the rectocele repair which was performed at my local hospital back in 2012 she wants to get to the bottom of this . Along side this procedure she has also referred me to there pain management specialist. i Was never given this kind of treatment back at my local hospital just passed back and forth all the time. Enough was enough so after joining a support group for tvt messed up mesh I got the list of surgeons who remove these and have carried on being treated by miss el Neil for this rectal pain. Since joining Health Unlocked this has been a great help as my pain has been diagnosed as nerve damage hence the meds and speaking with other members of this support group has also helped immensely.

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