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constant rectal pain still 2 years after rectocele repair


I had a rectal and bladder prolapse 2 years ago in Feb 2012. ever since this repair I have suffered pain in the rectum constantly. this pain continues on all day. I have been prescribed amitriptyline and have increased this to 75mg a night as prescribed by my doctor. I am currently under a miss el neil at the uclh in London through the NH's and she wishes to investigate this problem further than my previous urogynacologist back home where I live. i also was prescribed pregabalin just recently which seemed to help but my gp wants me to try gaberpentin only because this is a cheaper option. i just worry that as this has to be increased gradually i fear the pain will be worse whilst i wait for this to kick in. has any one else suffered this anal pain after a repair of the rectum. i have been told this is nerve damage but the intense pain this, is., also a crawling sensation and feels sore inside. i do not have piles i know that for certain. please if anyone can relate to this i would love to hear from you.

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I'm sorry about your pain. When I started reading your post I would tell you to try it pregabalin, but I've seen that you are already taking it. If you say it helps something with pregabalin, probably your problem may be related to the nerves in that area because that medication is for neuropathic pain.

If it is in fact a problem with a nerve, you could find it with a nerve block (injections of painkillers directly into the nerve).

This is useful to find out which nerves are affected (in case if you feel better with injection) and then proceed with other treatments. If the problem is in fact due to a nerve damage (because of your surgery) and medication don't help, it's possible to make a neurotomy/neurolysis (to stop the pain), but I'm already going too far.

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Hello and thank you for your reply. I was prescribed pregabalin for 11 months last year from august 2012 till June 2012 when my gp decided to start withdrawing the dose to nothing over a few months to see if this was helping or not. Then I went to London in sept last year to have the tot removed (vaginal tape for stress incontinence). I was adamant this was the cause of this debilitating pain I was in but as I continue to suffer with this rectal pain which after nearly 2 years now believe this is neuropathic pain hence amitriptyline and gabapentin that I have just started. I personally feel that the pregabalin I was re prescribed by my surgeon in London bought me better relief although I was only just prescribed this a week ago but my gp queried this and changed me to gabapentin as this is a cheaper option than pregabalin I thought this was the reason he changed me over to gaberpentin.Its all down to cost but I worry the pain will be intense whilst building this up which I was told is a month I will be back to my gp requesting he prescribe the pregabalin which I feel was helping.Yes miss el neil down in London understands ny pain and is determined to get to the bottom of this .

Stenosis49. My rectal pain was caused by pudendal entrapment..this very well may have happened after surgery...get of amitrypteline unless you want to get huge...10 plus every month....I've been on Gabepentin since 09. It gradually eases the muscles,mine 600daily,,is top around five because of insomnia pain was excruciating always in my anal....if you can take 800mg and clonazepam befor pain is intense,this helped.but,pain does get worse,to suicidalyou might just find a pudendal expert now.. Nothing else opium and morphine hardly touched the pain.three weeks ago,I had entrapment surgery...Praise God,I'm on my way back. I have a YouTube video,Judy Rentz pudendal might help......."Sorry for your pain....

Hi there thank you for your reply. Since taking the amitriptyline I tend to get bloated to the point where I feel I will explode almost. This tends to subside over a day or so of it happening. Yes I have read posts where people who have taken amitriptyline tend to gain weight as you say.As I have only just started taking gaberpentin the other day I have got to build up to two 300mg which is 600mg three times a day as my doc has prescribed. he told me for gaberpentin to work if it does it will take a month before I would know for sure if I was getting relief. I know I had been prescribed pregabalin just last week by my surgeon in London but what I am feeling now as a switch over the pain is most certainly more present than last week when I started pregabalin .It goes to show what a change in meds can make. trouble is though he told me that I need to take gaberpentin for a month to know if by taking this instead of pregabalin brings the relief I so desperately seek. will see and keep you posted. I just hope I will not have to suffer the pain whilst I trial this.

Stenosis,did I mention zaneflex , ..this was a surprise to me as I began eased the pain as much as my narcotics...try what I wrote was such a help...I pray your pain the YouTube ..judy


Yes Stenosis49, I have rectal pain but from dropping to a concrete floor when an exercise ball I was sitting on burst. For heat I sit on the bidet (cold running water over the rectum) until the fire settles and repeat sitting there until the flare is over. The dull throbbing pain is awful, I try and sleep through that or encourage bowel movement if you can (but don't ever push). I have had nerve blocks to the rectal branch of the pudendal nerve. I have been battling for almost 7 years now. I am much better and cope well but sitting is very difficult still, lifting weight affects this too (and I mean even a couple of kilos). I don't drive. I sleep on my front. you can read more about my story here:

hi sorry my english is not good but i hope this could help you.i also suffer severe anal pain for 27 years,,,then last week illtry this method for a week now the pain is gone hopefully and praying to God that the pain is totallay gone and wont come back .... the thing i do is boild a water put a half glass of rock salt and add a glass of vinegar keep them boild together for 2 minutes now transfer it on the bucket and steam your anus for 30 minutes 3x aday .... hope you understand my english continue doing this for a week hope this could help you just pray

let me know if its work for you

I know exactly where you are coming from. I had the same surgery 2yrs ago and have been told it is nerve damage. I am on Gabapentin and Amitriptyline. I did not seem to be getting much relief until I saw a different surgeon to the one that had done the opp (the actual surgeon that HAD performed the surgery refused to accept any responsibility even though she did diagnose the nerve damage) the new surgeon suggested massaging the scar tissue and told me to use Vagisil whilst doing it. He also prescribed Betnovate three times a week. I have also started taking CBD (derived from the Hemp plant). This has just been made legal in England and Canada though it has been legal in the USA for some time. As the hemp LEAVES produce Canibis people are worried about using this CBD but I promise the 'high' effect is NOT in this oil as a different part of the plant is used. This has been an enormous help in controlling the pain. I do hope this helps you.

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