still problems 11 months after rectocele repair

Rectocele repair 11 months ago and continue to experience rectal pressure as well as burning in perineal area ...I am taking gabapentin and celexa which have helped. I begin feeling real good and then if I begin a regular exercise regimen of walking and low impact exercise or dancing the pressure and burning become worse and sets me back 1-2 weeks. Has anyone else had this problem.

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  • Hello there peters1, I had a rectocele and bladder repair back in 2012, and to this day I still feel pressure not so much the burning though but I found pregabalin and amitriptyline a good combination to help relieve the pressure. i take 300mg pregabalin in the morning and 300mg at night plus 75mg amitriptyline at night. i have been on this combination since 2013 and was told by a specialist surgeon these meds help calm nerve pain after many a test to combat this discomfort. Hope this helps

  • thanks for the information!!

  • It was discovered during a routine pap that my bladder is prolapsed. Last yr ii had hysterectomy and lots of scar tissue removed causing an empty area and that's part of the reason the bladder is falling. The whole pelvic floor is week. Also having bad pressure and pulling n my rectum and anal area just inside with rectal spasms. Between the bladder and rectal spasms im in so much pain. Seeing a pelvic specialist at Mayo clinic in Jacksonville soon. What can I do for pain and spasms until my appt. Im already on pain med and patch for lupus and fibromyalgia.

  • kegels help tremendously with rectal spasms...also B&O Suppositories can be prescribed for the spasms.

  • Please let me know how your visit at Mayo goes! I am moving to Jacksonville in a couple of months and was considering a visit to the Mayo Clinic. I also suffer from horrible rectum pain with pressure, pulling and spasms:( I have tried several different combinations of compounded suppositories, but they just made me very drowsy and did not really help:( My internist prescribed Cymbalta, but I haven't been on it long enough to determine whether it is helping. I was on Lyrica for a few days, and I could not tolerate that drug. I felt like a zombie and could not function--maybe I should have given it a little more time. I get relief from a heating pad and putting a pillow under my knees when sitting. Good luck with you appointment!

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