Who has had pudendal nerve injections by an interventional radiologist guided by cat scan. I am waiting for one scheduled for Dec in Canada

explain about the procedure and did you or did you not get relief? Any history of endometriosis or recurring enodometriosis? I still bellieve mypain is from recurring endometriosis but my gyno wants me to try this because I have had two surgeries for endo since my hysterectomy in 1987 and the surgery now would be technically challenging and I would be at greater risk for harm to other nearby organs such as my bowel..bladder etc..Really tough decision so trying pudendal nerve block first..

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  • Yes, have a long history of endometriosis and surgeries but not hysterectomy. I had several CT guided nerve blocks. After an Alcock's canal block the region was numbed and I was able to walk a short distance. Eventually had surgery with a neurosurgeon.

    Who is your gynaecologist ? I guess you're in the Toronto area ?

  • A question if you don't mind. What surgery did the neurosurgeon perform?

  • Laproscope to remove areas that appeared may be endometriosis lesions/ Pathology report showed not endo.

  • Are you able to tell me how the nerve block (assuming you had it) worked, and how you are now?

  • The first nerve block had no effect, the second enabled me to walk for a short time but it didn't last long term.

  • Nerve block done in hospital...guided by CT....the block did not stop the pain. I ended up having the surgery but no endo showed on tissue removed on the pathology report. Dr. says likely nerve pain but I am not convinced of that. Following for further MRI......taking hydromorphone to deal with continuous pain in vagina and rectum.

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