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hello i am a 49 year woman , i have had trouble fo around three years now it started with not being able to evacuate my bowels completely. i have been to physio who says i have a tight pelvic floor , i have this sharp pain and vibrating sensation up my back passage that keeps going from one side to the other which is driving me mad. i also get pain in my bladder area . i cant seem to get anywhere with the doctors who keep putting me from one department to another . i also have been told that i hav some arthritis in my spine but no nerves are involved as i had an mri scan on spine does anyone else have this problem from davina

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Hi I have similar problem with my bowels had tests told it's caused by sciatica & spasms are affecting my bowel not fully emptying no cure just given laxative to loosen stools as lessen spasms if looser & painkillers,also excercises for pelvic floor from physio .I'm not saying you have the same thing but it could be?hope you get some answers.


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