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Salt Spa


Has anyone used halo therapy as a form of preventative care? My daughter has been using sodium chloride through her nebulizer for many years. However, we have recently discovered a local salt spa. There is not a lot of research out there, but my daughter has had positive results from the times we have visited the spa. We are considering making visits a part of our regular routine, but need help with deciding how often we should schedule?

Any feedback would be appreciated.

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I have not really looked into this, but it's not for me as I would be concerned about going into a warm enclosed space, that has previously been used by others with 'chest' and 'breathing' problems and the subsequent germs that would be lurking around.

Sounds interesting - we’ve just ordered a salianating air purifier for my daughters room. A friend with lifelong awful asthma has raved about the effect of salt caves before and saline is a mainstay of treatment in other chronic lung conditions - with the benefit of it being a treat rather than a treatment too. Where is this salt spa out of interest I haven’t come across one before?

KellyNeal in reply to BessH

I am so sorry for missing this post? The spa is in Cornelius North Carolina. They also have salt caves in Asheville North Carolina.

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