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is pari sinus facility useful for sinusitis without antibiotics?

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hi i have 7 years boy.when he was 5 he started to exit weird thick discharge (mocous) of his noise.he use antibiotics daily to control it . some time he has cough and until now he hasn’t severe problem by his ear .

we have teased for CF (sweat teast)

and Genetics test that all of them was negative.

here hospital dont have electronic microscope to be sure about his couldn’t reject or accept pcd on him.

but every day he has sinusitis we have to wash his sinus daily.recently i heard about new facility it called pari sinus .and i heard it s useful for sinustis in CF person witout using antibiotics.

did anybody used it?

is it useful?

sorry im not ok in english and im living in iran .thanks

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Hello. A Google search tells me that "pari sinus" is a nebulizer machine for your sinuses and does what most nebulizers do: makes the mucous less thick and easier to cough up or blow out the nose in your son's case. It uses saline solution as well as medication if prescribed by your son's doctor. If you don't want to use antibiotics, then saline solution by itself can help loosen the mucous and help him get it out more easier. However, if your son has thick yellow or green mucous in his sinuses, I'd strongly suggest talking to your doctor about it as it can be a sign of an infection and will usually require some type of medication. Best wishes to you and your son.

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azer100us in reply to Karlo

thanks for answering.

he used a lot of type of antibiotics for 2 years and i m realy worry about this .how long we can continue this way(antibiotics) .and how many type if antibiotics remain?does new antibiotics found?

doctors aren’t sure about PCD on him and i search for person that i can get their experience.what they do when they have sinusitis? thank you again

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Karlo in reply to azer100us

This is something only a specialist can answer. If I were you I would share these concerns with your doctor and insist your son be referred to a Pulmonary specialist.

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azer100us in reply to Karlo

I appreciate of you . my son is visited by dr of ENT and pulmonary specialist but as i told you ,his main problem is sinusitis and use a lot of antibiotics that doctor says us. i think maybe i can get other experience about solution of sinusitis.that i read your suggestion and thanks for it. he use sinus wash twice a day when he has mucus,and unfortunately all of time the color is yellow,but all the thick mucus gut out by sinus wash as easy as , i ll ask his doctor absoultly,but anybody has this experience or not? im not sure if i continue this sinus wash without antibiotics is harmful for him or not?i m realy thankful karlo

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We have some useful information on our PCD Family Support Group UK website, regarding helping your child with keeping the nasal passages a bit clearer. These include teaching your child how to blow his nose properly, this should be attempted at least twice a day. Due to the lack of properly working cilia, the nose will generally be blocked for a lot of the day, but blowing it and also using a saline nasal rinse, such a Neil Med Sinus Wash daily, will usually help. I use the Neil Med in the evening which then helps me get a sound night's sleep, others use it at other times of the day, experiment to see which works best for your son.

Here is the link to the website, regarding nasal issues in PCD.

Hi. Just read your case. Im from panama. Its same my son 7 years old. He suffer chronic sinusite 3 years. Always antibiotic. Yellow and green mucus. If he get flu or cough the first symtom is yellow mucus first day. We tried a lots of antibiotic. Tried with 4 ENT. No improve. Adenoid and tonsil out already about 2 years ago. Got sinu pari last month. Tried with saline nebulization it help smooth mucus. Im thinking go to see taiwan or singapur ENT. I think my son need sinuplasty ballon treatment. The ostium maxilar and frontal blockage. My email is


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